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Film Review - Gladiator

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Acting: 9/10 Script: 8/10 Music: 6/10 Plot Our 'hero', Maximus (Russell Crowe) is a respected roman general - the best. However, when the emperor (Richard Harris) is murdered by his son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) , Maximus refuses to serve him and is taken away to be executed. He escapes (of course), only to be taken away by slave dealers. ...read more.


The Colosseum seen in the film was built for the film using blueprints and data from the real Colosseum in Italy. Although the soundtrack was good, it is debatable whether or not it sounds particularly Roman. To me it doesn't sound like anything special. Hans Zimmer creates fantastic music for films such as The Dark Knight, however the soundtrack for this film was mostly disappointing. Russell Crowe captures the screen as Maximus, an ex Roman General. ...read more.


Connie Nelson however, was nothing out of the ordinary. CGI was used in pretty much everything in the film. From the gory scenes where gladiators were sliced in half, to the vistas and aerial views of Rome. Apart from a few slightly ridiculous ideas.. for example, Maximus flinging a heavy sword at a soldier even though he has been stabbed in the arm, the script was well written. Gladiator has won five Oscars, won another 45 different awards, and been nominated for 79 awards. Turner 4 ...read more.

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