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Film Review of Psycho

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Film Review of Psycho "Psycho!" What a film. Using unique camera angles and superb musical techniques "Psycho" keeps the audience's attention building up to very sudden climaxes one after another. Alfred Hitchcock didn't keep to the bog standard film layout when he created "Psycho". He thought about it carefully. No other film of the 1960's featured semi-nudity and flushing toilets. Having a murder so early on is not usual. Especially as the victim was all Hitchcock had concentrated on up until this point but I don't think it was just the content that made this film what it is but the style and manner of which the story was told. On the other hand the music, playing throughout almost the entire film, could be seen as repetitive. Does the black and white picture keep it from seeming real? ...read more.


The stabbing action fitted right in with the shriek of the music. I didn't anticipate either of the murders at all. I quite enjoyed the suspicion of the car engineers and police not expecting such a gruesome murder at the motel. When I heard the name "Psycho" before I had watched the film I presumed it would be related to a mental ill person in a hospital or similar. So right from the start I was trying to work out who the psycho was. I was surprised that I did not discover the psycho until right near the end of the film. The first murder as I have already touched upon was much unexpected; the audience are still focused on the stolen �40,000 stashed away in the room at this point not ready for a sudden gruesome killing. ...read more.


It was a masterpiece though maybe not everybody's cup of tea. Even today up against all the new special effects and technological advances "Psycho" manages to make the audience uneasy and look away from the screen. He put personality and individuality into the film. Although he influenced others nobody could successfully adopt his style. It was too unique. I think three points "Psycho" couldn't have done without are: > The choice of music. The music kept the pace of film going near the beginning and in fact right through the film but its impact changed at different points. Sometimes just pumping away in the background but at others playing a key part in the murders. > The camera angles and ways of showing things, setting and lighting. > His brilliant actors and actresses who undoubtedly went on to other things. ?? ?? ?? ?? Psycho - Coursework Thomas Mckay-Smith 10ACY ...read more.

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