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Film Script -Scene 1 * Opening Credits (Starts with Jimmy and Billy Bob begging for money but no one gives them any

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´╗┐Drugstore Cowboy Productions- Desperate Times Characters: Jasraj-Jimmy, Sahil-Sammy, Simranjit- ?Friendly? Joe the cop, Bilal-Billy Bob Scene 1 * Opening Credits (Starts with Jimmy and Billy Bob begging for money but no one gives them any, Officer Friendly Joe laughs at them and passes by. He doesn?t give them any) Scene 2 (They go away and search in trash) Bilal: I have had enough Jimmy, everyday we go beg for money and return empty handed. Jasraj: I know Billy Bob, this is absolute baloney. I use to be the big cheese in town and now I?ve been degraded to this status. Bilal: This is not fair, we deserve better. Now come on and help me look through the trash, maybe we can find some berries or maybe someone stashed their bootleg. Jasraj: What?s the use Billy Bob? We?re cursed. It?s just not in our destiny. We?ve searched here many times and we never found any giggle water. We just look like saps. (Billy Bob keeps searching through the trash and thinks he has found something.) Bilal: Hey, Jimmy! I think I?ve found something. Come here quick. Jasraj: What is it Billy Bob? Is it hooch? ...read more.


Jasraj: I feel guilty about what we?re going to do. Bilal: Don?t worry Kiddo, you?re talking hokum. Remember just stick to the plan and this will be over soon. Jasraj: Alright, Let?s do this. Let?s be gatecrashers. Bilal: This is it. Don?t take any wooden nickels. Scene 5 (They are now near the bank. The camera zooms out and it goes black. They break in and take out their guns and threaten everyone. Bilal: This is a robbery! If you value your life, you must comply with our orders. (Screaming in the background) Jasraj: Everybody down, NOW! We?re hardboiled criminals. Bilal: We don?t wanna kill you but if you act goofy, we will have no choice. Jasraj: Get your gam down, you dumb Dora. (He goes to another person) You too tubby. Get down before I put a bullet through your skull. (They go to the bank manager) Scene 6 Bilal: Cough up the money or die. You seem like a good guy. A drugstore cowboy. Jasraj: I bet you get bare flappers. Sahil: Please sir, don?t kill me. ...read more.


Scene 8 Bilal: Lower your guns or he dies. So put the gun down now tubby. Sahil: Please let me go, I gave you the money. Simranjit: I?ll never comply to your dirty demands. Bilal: Fine your choice. The boy dies. (He hits him with the gun and knocks him out) Simranjit: You son of a *****. What have you done? Bilal: You gave me no choice. Jasraj: It?s your fault, tubby. Billy Bob grab the money. (Billy Bob goes towards the money and Friendly Joe tries to shoot Billy Bob but Jimmy dives and gets shot instead and wounded) Scene 9 Bilal: You devil. Jasraj: (Is in pain and groans) Simranjit: *Sinister laugh* Ha, look at that rat squire in pain. Bilal: You?ll pay for this. Simranjit: Oh really! (Joe loads his gun and points it at Billy Bob and suddenly Joe?s neck is snapped by Sammy) Scene 10 Bilal: What took you so long? The cop shot Jimmy. Sahil: I had to make sure that he wouldn?t see me. Jimmy are you okay? Jasraj: Don?t worry, I?ll survive. Bilal: Well boys, we got the money. Scene 11 Flashback Happens (Shows how Sammy assassinated the real bank manager and how he was friends with Billy Bob and Jimmy the whole time) ...read more.

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