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Film Version of Romeo and Juliet

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Media Coursework Hollywood has developed many Shakespeare plays into motion pictures, but this does not always reach success. Hollywood does this to increases their cultural standing reputation, and also making more money in the process, with the already made script provided by Shakespeare. Two individual directors directed the two motion pictures, Australian director Baz Luhrmann, who had success in the early 90's "Strictly Ballroom", a kitsch domestic drama, which achieved landmark critical and commercial success. Kenneth Branagh a British actor, director and producer who is internationally recognised as one of the leading actor-director of his generation. Despite the fact this preview trailer of "Rome + Juliet" is a Shakespeare play produced into a motion picture, we see the "+" sign in between the Romeo and Juliet, this indicates that the title is a fashionable adoption of its definition, a slang recognition, which teens use a lot, in language as well as writing. So by looking at the title we know this is more of a radical version of the play, aimed at teens in particular. ...read more.


These awards gave the actor and actress more recognition and opportunities in their acting career, and this has offered them roles in a famous play developed into movie. DiCaprio and Danes play convincing roles, but what makes them a good choice in casting is because they are young and attractive, this appeals to the youth audience, and draws interest to a range of people, such as fans of the actor/actress, but even supporting cast can also draw in crowds. But the movie centers DiCaprio and Danes, together and separately, are more compelling and more passionate than any previous movie pairing of "Romeo & Juliet'' DiCaprio has an edgy intensity and a sensitive side, while Danes (the best teen actress since Jodie Foster) captures Juliet's wide-eyed innocence and her iron determination. The costumes and clothes used is a very clever choice as well as an ecletic mix, it is linked with the story line of the movie, neat trick of having the rivals wearing different designer labels, Dolce & Gabbana for the Capulet boys, Prada for Romeo. ...read more.


Dialogue spoken by DiCaprio has a since of poetic, but modern English expression. The editing and montage, gun fire scenes replace sword plays, Verona beach replaces the city of Verona, gang violence replaces family rivalries and other elements like the taking of hallucinogenic drugs and the drag act appear convincingly with the original dialogue as if they were always meant to be there. Looking at the trailer, though I have seen the film before the trailer, I pick up a lot of the story line, not to mention that it is based on a well known play by Shakespeare, but even for a person who has not seen the film, should more or less know that it is a love story brought into the modern society of the 90's, but what is kept unclear is the language used in the film, when I first saw the film I didn't expect the film to have all of the poetic language intact with the film, but it does work well, and because the film is set in the 90's I think it is much more easier to understand. ...read more.

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