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Film versions of Romeo & Juliet.

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Carl Horsman 10M Tuesday 24th June Course Assignment--------Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare was one of the greatest play writes of all time; he was born in 1564 and died in 1616. During his life he wrote such plays as Macbeth & hamlet, but perhaps the most memorable is Romeo & Juliet, which he wrote in 1595. Whilst writing he was not concerned about originality and often used the storylines of Classical Writing, but what ever you might say he can turn an ordinary tale into a Beautiful Love Story with incredible characters and marvellous settings. A summary of Act 5: - Romeo talks about how the night before he had had a Dream " I dreamt my lady ( Juliet ) came and found me dead and breath'd such life with kisses in my lips, that I reviv'd and was an Emperor. Ah me, how sweet is love itself possess'd when but love's shadows are so rich in joy." Then Romeo's man Balthasar enters. Romeo asks questions before Balthasar can answer them e.g. ...read more.


Juliet hears a noise and decides to be brief she picks up Romeos dagger and stabs herself and falls. The watch discover the bodies and call for the Prince, everyone arrives and the prince lays down his speech to the people of Verona. The families decide to build gold statues of each others child and never fight again. The story ends with the Princes last words, " A glooming peace this morning with it brings, the sun for sorrow will not show his head; Go hence to have more talk of these sad things, some shall be pardon'd, and some punished. For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo". After reading the story we went on to watching two different videos, by Baz Lurhman & Zefferelli. The Lurhman was set in Modern gang warfare whilst Zefferelli's was set direct to the text. The first video we watched was Baz Lurhman's adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. There are quite a lot of differences in this beside the fact it is set in 1996, but they are some big differences like the fact that Romeo buys the poison in Verona not Mantua and Paris doesn't die. ...read more.


The language in both films was true to the text, Syntax and great use of vocabulary was also used, e.g. " Under yond yew-trees lay thee all along, holding thine ear close to the hollow ground, so shall no foot upon the churchyard tread, being loose, unfirm with digging up of graves, but thou shalt hear it". A dictionary's meaning is ' The Syntax of a language is its grammatical rules and the way its words are arranged'. However the language in Lurhman's movie was from the text but because of the modern background and clothing you couldn't tell from first hearing them speak the language from the text. I found that the best film to watch was the Baz Lurhman because it was set true to everyday life and included music & clothes we would be familiar with. Although the language in Lurhman's production was from the text you could not really tell but on certain occasions you could, also with the Lurhman film it gave it more of a feel to normal family feuds in countries around the world where we live today. ...read more.

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