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´╗┐Description writing draft (The start of a fire ) A waft of lingering smoke seeped into the summer air, driven by a slight breeze. A whirl of translucent smoke snaked its way stealthily towards the horizon only to be dismissed for a doused campfire. Following suit, streaks of greyish smoke permeated the atmosphere with greater density, accompanied by the crackling sounds of snapping twigs gradually increasing in intensity.Soon after, the dancing gaits of flickering sparks began darting across the atmosphere. Sensing something amiss, my curiosity compelled me to venture towards the trees .Signs of trouble were evident as nesting birds sent out cries of warning. ...read more.


The heat was now incandescent as I stumbled towards the ghastly view. The fire spread its venomous fangs onto the dry leaves and they instantaneously caught on fire, starting a deadly fiery plague which continued to spread throughout the heavily dense forest. Splinters were shooting all over the place as the devilish flames greedily engulfed all that was in sight, sparing nothing. The raging, ferocious fire soon inched its way closer towards me, making my heart palpitate .The fire charred everything in its way consuming them into its hellish stomach, digesting them; leaving nothing but ashes, which fell like feathers blanketing the burnt remains of the ground. ...read more.


Turgid with heat, the looming signs of fatal dehydration became more pronounced.The unbearable, calescent heat made each bead of sweat evaporate as it appeared on my forehead . Sounds of little explosions could be heard ,the falling trees had made a ghastly view as if a battle had just taken place, sparks of fire still glowed as if they wouldn't give up. Trapped like an animal, the destructive fire surrounded my escape route, causing me to falter unto the battle grounds awaiting death. Andrew Lee 10I ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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