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FIRST BATTLE Lying on his knees dazed, crying, screaming and confused. Next to him lay some of his flanking people, looking at their mouth wide open with blood

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THE FIRST BATTLE Lying on his knees dazed, crying, screaming and confused. Next to him lay some of his flanking people, looking at their mouth wide open with blood pouring out of their mouths like a running tap.... Jarom Diriviale glanced around him and the battlefield. His sword Torluth was dripping with warm red blood. His angular even face was lightly splotched with blood and his hands were wet with it. His blond hair was in one thick braid that flowed down his shoulder and onto his ring mail shirt. His cool green eyes were bewildered, as if torn between two worlds of mind. On one hand he had the world of destruction that he had just engaged. He saw his countrymen cut down before him. The battle rage had taken him into a hot fire. It had rushed over him in a rage and when he came to, he was surrounded by the dead. They were twisted in a cruel fashion. Each with mouths gaping wide and eyes opened in fright. Their faces haunted his mind as he searched among the dead for survivors. ...read more.


Finally he fell to his knees and clutched his head. "My Lord Talmiris!" he yelled, "Release me! I can't take it anymore!" It was as if his body passed onto another world. His knees felt weak suddenly, and he fell to the ground. It was weird change in reality and time. The bloodied battlefield drifted from his sight like an ending dream. When it was done he found himself in a different place. It was all black, but not dark. More like an absence of light and dark at the same time. He stood as if suspended in this existence and yet somehow something supported his feet and allowed him to walk. He saw a warrior all clothed in white. Light emanated from his body. He held the look of a being higher than life. As if he had achieved an existence much higher than any of mortal birth. "My name is Renindar," he said clear and true, "Do you know me?" "Yes," he nodded, "you are one of the immortals told of the ancient days." "I am an immortal as you speak of but not of old. ...read more.


I have foreseen it, as well as my own demise. You, Jarom, are a descendant of the noble elves, and an heir to the house of Diriviale. In time you shall be as a light unto the world. It shall be under your reign that peace shall finally settle upon this world. This is what you must become." Said Reninder With that Renindar took a sword from his back and drew it from its scabbard. The beauty of the shimmering white blade defied all description. There was a power to be seen in the mere look of the blade. An angels outspread wings were its hilt and its handle was the angels body clasping a down turned great sword. Its feet rested on a round globe that made up the pommel. "This sword's name is Verluin," he said, "With it I present upon you the power to control your passions and call upon me in all your times of need and remember." When Jarom grabbed the sword he found himself once again on the battlefield but he was changed. His eyes bore nobility instead of madness and several strands of his hair were shot white. He returned to his people a protector of all innocent beings and an upholder of the light. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gurminder Jandu 10c ...read more.

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