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first crush

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NEHA And then she entered .A vision filling the door way. My breath caught and my heart raced. "There u r!" something shouted in my head "finally!" She sparkled like a jewel; glowed in way that made her seem unreal. Her lush brown hair curling carelessly over her shoulder and framing her gorgeous face. Her glossy pink lips smiling as she talked to someone .Her expressive eyes shinning like brown topaz with full of humor and warmth. Her porcelain skin and the hint of a cheek bone making her seem so delicate; the curious little dent in her chin as though the maker had given her a mark of approval. She dazzled me so completely I felt dizzy with the sudden rush of joy flowing through me. Every thing else seized to exist and everyone faded in the background as if it was just the two of us. ...read more.


The way she had looked at me when I had given her the silly little dog for her birthday. Her every expression and every movement as familiar to me as mine. She turned finally and looked at me. Her eyes sparkled and her lips curve in a smile full of warmth and welcome. That one smile filled me with bursting joy. My heart drumming in my throat, my lungs hollow, my body tingling I walked towards her and thought this was love. Surely this had to be love that made me so ecstatic, giddy and dizzy at the same time. Only love could make all rational thoughts drain out from my brain leaving only her and the need to get by her side. This magical almost incandescent sense of knowing she was the one. The one and only. ...read more.


I was sure of it. It left me baffled, scared, vulnerable, happy, and joyous and confused all at the same time. I didn't know what to do .What to say to her. I knew I had to tell her. I was still mulling over my thoughts when she came back. I gratefully accepted the water from her. I turned to her and she said, "I'm going back to India!" she told me excitedly, "I'm getting married!" I could feel the world around me crash. In what I thought was a very calm tone I croaked "What!!" "How can you just go?" I said after clearing my throat which was dry as dust." What about college?" "Oh! I will finish my studies in India now," she said "Hamid my childhood crush send the proposal for me. I'm so excited. I can't believe it! I am leaving in a week. I just came to stay good bye to u" with that she hugged me and turned to talk to some one else. I turned around silently and left. ...read more.

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