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First date

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First date As Vinnie walked down the road she could see Aaron standing there in the rain under a big black umbrella for her. He was wearing a black shirt with grey faded jeans and a black coat. He turned to look at her, she saw at once why she had been attracted to him at the office. She wondered why he was there that day as he didn't work at the office but hey she wasn't arguing. He had long curly black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Vinnie's heart melted. Aaron saw vinnie walking towards him. She had jet-black hair and piercing bottle green eyes. She was wearing a short black skirt knee-high heeled boots and a gold/yellow jumper. She had pail skin that contrasted her hair, slightly gothic looking but still beautiful, perhaps one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Aaron walked over to Vinnie and held out his hand. Vinnie took his outstretched hand to be pulled into a hug. His arms were tight around her neck. He smelt of FCUK for men. Aaron let go but kept hold of her hand. "Where d'ya wanna go? ...read more.


" Um no I don't think that's a good idea" " Why we've both finished, you're not a lightweight are you? " Uh no but you know" " No I really don't but hey if that's what you want" said vinnie reluctantly Vinnie sat back down. She didn't want to know what was wrong with him but she couldn't even get drinks what was up with that? She noticed he kept glancing over at the group of girls so she looked over to see who it was. She knew them, the girls from work. Aaron was watching vinnie analysing the group of girls. He just hopped she didn't know them and that none of them noticed him. He was dead if they did. Vinnie stood up, " Where are you off?" asked Aaron " To the loo" Vinnie was getting annoyed now and this was reflected in her voice " Why?" She was getting worried Aaron was being weird. What did he know that she didn't? Aaron knew what he'd just said sounded stupid. She was going to the toilet for God's sake. He shouldn't be like this. She was getting suspicious. ...read more.


Why was he doing this to her? She had never done anything to him. It wasn't Vinnies fault. She wasn't to know. " I think you know what's coming your way aaz" Said Vinnie disapprovingly " We're through" Said Jess after she'd calmed down a bit. " People are going to look at you in the street and think, that's the guy who cheated on his girlfriend and she found out being left like a loner" " Jess you mean the world to me" He was nearly in tears " Well you've got a funny way of showing it. I've had enough of you." She walked off some of the girls followed her. Vinnie looked at Aaron and gave him a look as to say too bad. She weaved her way through the people and out to the door. Everyone was going to hate her now. They'd been going out for 3 years she heard someone say. She'd ruined it again. Why did she do that? Every guy she'd met seemed to be married or have a girlfriend. It wasn't fair but life goes on. She stepped out of the door into the rain. There was no one around. All the pubs and bars she walked past were full of people escaping the rain laughing and singing, having a good time. She hailed a taxi and got in. ...read more.

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