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First day in a new place

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First day in a new place It was my first day of junior school, and I was beside myself with anxiety. It was early September, so logically it can't have been too cold. However inside me was an icy cold feeling that affected my perception of all around me. It seemed to me that this day was like the coldest, darkest morning that I had ever woken up to in all my short 4 years of life so far. I had not slept well the night before and I got up well before the rest of the family. I had spent the night tossing and turning with apprehensive thoughts chasing each other like cops and robbers. Dread was swimming around my head, like goldfish in a bowl. I was petrified by the thought of going to school on my own, where I knew no-one, and where I would be completely alone. In nursery school, I had my friend Adam, who had been with me since my first day. We had played together, got into scrapes together and been like twins. Here, though, it was a completely different situation; I was going to be all alone, alone to enter a place I had never stepped foot in before. When I first woke up on that day, I thought this would be the worst and most dreadful day of my life. ...read more.


I felt the leaves crunch beneath my feet, the famous trademark crunch of Autumn. The gate felt ice-cold when I actually pushed it to step, for the first time, into my new school. There was a big white sign to the left of where I was standing, which my dad read out to me. It read S.S. Mary and John's R.C. Primary school The school itself was a titanic building, which seemed as tall as a skyscraper to me. It consisted mainly of red bricks, rusty brown windows and with two great doors leading to unknown territory. There were many children, some younger, some older than me, playing cheerfully in the playground, seeming not to be at all concerned about the glacial weather. Suddenly - "BRRRRIIIINNNNGGGG", the school bell had just gone off like a starting pistol for a race, and all of the younger children charged through one of the doors, and the senior children through another. The sky was filled with the sounds of children's laughter and talk as they disappeared into the open mouth of the school entrance. My father and I remained out side of the school until all children were in and then we walked towards the gigantic building. The school had a very musky aroma around it, it was designed in an old fashioned way, and many of the walls had peeling paint. ...read more.


Other children joined in and I quite forgot that I had been so concerned earlier. Then, again the bell rang, this time for dinner, and Navdeep, I and the other children went to join the queue. After dinner, I vaguely recollect doing some artwork. When the final bell of school rang, all of the children of my new class, lined up by the door, and the teacher dismissed us one by one, giving each of us a sweet as we left. When I finally found my way outside, I saw my dad standing near the gate. He was grinning at me, and I smiled back, extending my smile from ear to ear. I held up my sweet to show him, and he grinned even more (if that was possible) I turned to Navdeep, who was still standing beside me, I said "see you tomorrow," and he replied "You too mate!" This made me really ecstatic. He had declared me to be his "mate" So I knew I was really his best friend and he was mine. I waved good bye to him and ran as fast as greased lightning to my father, who was still waiting for me, to hear about my first day of junior school. As I explained the whole of my exciting first day, I couldn't help thinking that my new school was really the best place in the whole of the world! By Sarvinder Saini By Sarvinder saini 1 ...read more.

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