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First Day of School

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First Day of School... The summers over and it's the night before my first day at Limavady High School. I had been excited all summer about going to school and now its tomorrow I don't want to go. I'm so nervous; I can't sleep from thinking about it. What if I don't make any friends? What if I get lost? I keep tossing and turning and the next thing I knew I was asleep. "Ring", my alarm went of, it sounded like a billion car alarms going off around me. I tried to ignore it by putting my pillow over my head but then my mum came in and told me to get up and get ready. I finally got up and got dressed, my new uniform looked so strange on me, it made me feel all grown up. As I was walking to the kitchen I could smell cooking drifting down the hall, my mum had made me a special breakfast. ...read more.


The walk to the school felt like a million miles, my legs felt like jelly and I just wanted to run back to the car. I kept staring back over my shoulder at my dad, and then I heard the car start and he drove off and left me all alone to face this new place all by myself. I felt so alone with no one to turn to. "Jayne," was all I heard going in the school gate. It was my best mate Vicky. It made me jump up with a big smile, but I was still nervous. I was scared no one would like me or the teachers would hate me. We walked on in anyway; I felt better having a friend with me. She seemed excited and hyper when I was nervous and scared. So many thoughts and worries were running around my head, am I the only one who is feeling this way? Why was she excited? ...read more.


I saw Vicky she stood out in the sea of faces to me because she was the one person I wanted to be with, so I rushed over to her and sat beside her, I crossed my fingers and hoped to be in her class and... I was there was a lot of people in my class, they all had big smiles and no one looked lost or worried like me. The day went so fast, I met lots of new people, did lots of new things and my class was the nicest bunch of people I'd ever met. We walked in a big group to each different class and met some of our new teachers. At lunch some of my new friends and I sat together and talked about our old schools. "Ding", the bell went, it was 3.20 already and I had a brilliant day. I still feel alone and I don't know why, everyone's so nice and happy, I hope tomorrow goes as well as today. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jayne Barclay...11a2 ...read more.

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