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First Flight

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Autobiography My First Flight - RAF Leeming (The feeling was) cold, nervous, under pressure and anxious this is how I was feeling, the flight lieutenant walked in and briefed us, the safety aspect and weather: thermals and temperature. This is how it all started out on that cold Thursday morning. "VROOOOOM". A large jet had taken of from the runway behind us. At this point, I was shaking, the nerves were getting to me, loud noises, sirens, little men directing aircraft 'Jesus this is scary' I though to myself. I left the small hut I was waiting in and entered another little hut to go get the parachute, helmet and flying suit put on. I was so nervous I could not get the helmet on my head; I was shaking so much. Ok, first cadet ready, second also ready, then there was me ---- this was daunting, weather was overcast but clearing, then we were told at 10:00hrs we could fly, the first two cadets got into the two seated RAF Training aircraft. ...read more.


"Alpha, Victor, Mike clear to do aerobatics" this came over the radio. I'm thinking what are aerobatics this is my first time flying, I'm inexperienced and very nervous and then the pilot pulled back on the control column and we did a loop de loop, "Amazing!!!" I thought to myself. Then the pilot handed me control and I did the same as he had just done excellent you are a natural, the pilot said. Then it suddenly came to me I wanted a career in being a pilot, I did not care how commercial, private it does not matter as long as I can be in the air; that was my dream. We continued to fly I was now getting the hang of the controls, the only time I had ever had control of an aircraft before was on a simulator: on my computer. The most scary thing that came to me was that the only thing between me and the floor was air and a lot of explosive fuel, and that gave me a 'WOW!' ...read more.


I looked out of the small side window and there was a small aircraft coming in to land on the runway, the man I was stood next to gave the controller the aircraft permission to land. The technology used is amazing, it can control any aircraft with just a push of a button in it vicinity and can cause an accident with just one mistake, we then climbed to the top of the tower from there you could see all of the runways and taxi ways. I remember being asked by two female aircraft controllers did we have any questions: so I asked why are rubber ducks yellow, obviously, no one knows this answer and she was quite stuck for words, everybody found this rather amusing and laughed, they were not very impressed with me. On leaving the tower we marched back to the cadets minibus, got boarding the minibus we started our journey home, I couldn't get off my mind how amazing it was flying, doing loops and twirls; not many people get the chance to do something like this for free and I loved it, since then I have been flying about twelve times and hopefully I will continue flying. Moreover, "I love it." ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Fryer ...read more.

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