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First flight

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First flight The warm wind blows past me. Only two colours can be seen in all directions. The bright blue of the mid day sky and the bronze, bare earth carrying on for miles. Across the endless plains are plants speckled by plants that look more like scattered ants from here. I close my eyes and face the sun. Burning rays hit my face. I stand on the edge of a canyon, my bare feet burning on the hot desert sand. My toes curled over the edge. I imagine what may lie at the bottom of this seemingly endless fall. I think of a rushing river ripping at the walls, making the canyon deeper and deeper. ...read more.


It feels nice, no wonderful, superb, and magnificent, as if time has stood still. Faster, faster. I rush towards the end. The end of being trapped, without freedom to do what you want, go where you please. I close my eyes again and enjoy this amazing feeling. Voices mumble in the background. They grow louder as I drift back into reality, turning into shouts. I snap open my eyes. The bottom is very close, a tiny stream trickles through the giant crack in the earth, nothing like I imagined before. Is there anything I can do now? I try to remember what I'm supposed to do. Before I could recite her lessons word for word but now when I need them most, my head is only filled with her face. ...read more.


The bottom, which was once so far away, my claws dangle just above. I flap my wings, pull my legs in and start to make my way back up to the top. My dizziness fades and I notice as I make my way back to the top, the plants clinging to the side of the beaten walls. When I reach the top I see the terrified look on my mother's face which she is trying to cover up with a smile. I plant my feet on the hot desert sand. I look at her and she shakes her head. I turn to my brothers talking about how amazing I was. Mum turns and they follow her talking about how it will be one of their turns tomorrow. I turn back to the edge of the canyon and face the sky with my eyes close. I've done it. My first flight. ...read more.

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