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First Love By John Clare

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First Love By John Clare This is a poem about love. The writer John Clare wrote this poem in the 19th Century and worked from the age of seven on a farm as a farm labourer. The particular day he refers to in the poem is when he saw a beautiful woman and he felt for the first time the emotion of love. ...read more.


In the second verse, John Clare explains to the reader that when he sees her everything turned to darkness. "Seemed midnight at noonday" John Clare writes about the physical affect that the girl has on him. This might make the reader relate to the poem, "I could not see a single thing" "Words from my heart did start;" "They spoke as chords do from the string" "And blood burnt round my heart." ...read more.


"I never saw so sweet a face" Means that the girl was beautiful and was sweet looking. "My heart has lest it's dwelling place," "And can return no more." These two lines could mean two things. The first one being that he has found someone to love but she won't return his love. The second one being that his heart was dwelling as he had no one to love but now he's seen the girl, his heart won't dwell anymore. ...read more.

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