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Fish! A synopsis.

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FISH! A synopsis 6 September 2003 Mary Jane Ramirez and her husband Dan had moved from Southern California to Seattle so that Dan could grab the opportunity of working with Microrule. Mary Jane found a position at First Guarantee Financial in Seattle. They hadn't been in Seattle even for a year before Dan died of a "genetic oddity." Mary Jane was a good worker and a good person to work for. However there was another large operations group in the company that was generally unpleasant to work in. This is where Mary Jane was promoted to after three years of working at First Guarantee. Mary Jane quickly realized how difficult it was to work in this department. ...read more.


Over the following week she had meetings with the staff on the third floor and shared this new message with them. As one would guess, she saw an immediate improvement in the attitude of the third floor. With this positive outcome Mary Jane went to Lonnie again for the remaining ingredients. They were: Play, Make Their Day and Be Present. She noted these points down in her journal and elaborated on how she noticed the fish guys implement them. On Monday morning she gave her boss Bill a piece of fish that she called "smiling sushi". Bill was somewhat confused, but welcomed the change because it made him smile. She then spoke to the staff in her office and told them that she wanted to take them to the market and show them "energy in action". ...read more.


She split the staff into four groups, one for each ingredient. Each group was given the task of making a presentation six weeks later about their ingredient. "The Play Team", "The Make Their Day Team", "The Present Moment Team" and "The Choose Your Attitude Team" all made their presentations sharing some very personal experiences and giving the rest of the staff their suggestions on how they would benefit from using the ingredient and how they could implement it. The whole plan worked very well and a year later Mary Jane noticed a new problem: all the people from around the company wanted to work in her office on the third floor of First Guarantee. The story ends with Lonnie the fishmonger proposing to Mary Jane. One can go on to guess further that they all lived happily ever after. Miheer Fyzee XIM Class D2 Roll No. 476 ...read more.

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