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Fishing: The sport of kings?

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Fishing: The sport of kings? Since the dawn of time, man has hunted. His natural instinct is to provide for the family, for he is, the man. So why, I hear you ponder, does man still fish? Is it an excuse to get the old boy out of the house, as she who must be obeyed is complaining that he doesn't fit with the colour scheme? Is it because we like to compete in ultimate, adrenaline activities with other males, in a way similar to placing your todger on a table to see who's is champion? Or is it the beauty, the innocent relaxation that only the tranquil estuary radiates? I doubt few would argue among us that there is nothing quite like retreating to the pond, away from the every grind of modern life. One finds the rarities of peace, time, and more peace on the riverbank, duelling with the effervescent fish! Always be prepared. BUT WAIT! Fishing isn't just about sad bastards in green caps banging on about 'their day', oh no. ...read more.


Women would compare it to the large bar of Swiss milk, the one Mother bought for Christmas, and the children will never taste. In the house, these days, the woman wears the trousers (or dungarees). You won't admit it, but its true. The household mans vocabulary consists largely of phrases such as 'yes dear', 'of course dear', 'no you don't look fat in those cycling shorts' and 'not another bloody soap'. However, when indulging in the old favourite, be it down the golf club on a Saturday morning, in the Dog and Handgun for the Rugby, or in today's case, the misty, crisp an peaceful pond or river, the bloke is top dog. And this is why gentleman, that we must not let the lost art that is fishing die out through our generations, as duelling has (another old vintage). But I don't want this to be perceived as snobbery, for fishing is a rare thing that unites the geezer, lad, bloke and chap, whatever their background, is forgotten in the pursuit of fish. ...read more.


I doubt even England captain and world champion angler Bob Nudd can explain it. If it were a person, it would be Des Lynam. Although unassuming to look at, when introduced, your immediately hooked! It has a certain charm, a smoothness only felt by those who have been there, that feeling when you first take your son, 'the boy', on his first fishing trip, can only equate to the emotion of first laying your eyes on that thick, curved moustache, that is unmistakably Lynam. That joy, that emotion racing through your veins is indeed matched, on a par with that moment you here des's trademark, lady annhialating voice introduce the days drama on a Saturday evening. Any of you who have experienced Des, and you can not call yourself male if you haven't (or female for that matter), will know what I am talking about, if not, find out. So.... Gentleman, I put it to you, what are you doing next weekend? If you have plans, change them. Dig out your old scout tent, tell the other half your great grand mothers died, and head for your nearest river or lake, as joy and fish await thee! 1094 words. ...read more.

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