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Five Tamil Brothers.

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Five Tamil Brothers Once upon a time on an island off the coast of India, there were five Tamil brothers who all looked the same. But they had different magical powers. The first brother could swallow the sea. The second brother had an iron neck. The third brother could stretch his legs for miles. The fourth brother could not be burnt and the fifth brother could hold his breath forever. Now the first brother's favourite hobby was fishing. One day, a small ran up to him and asked if he could go fishing with him. But the reply was no. The little boy kept begging him until the first brother gave in. "But on one condition," the brother said. "When I signal to you, you must return at once." The little boy agreed to it and the brother nodded with satisfaction. So as they walked down the beach the brother kept reminding the boy of his promise. ...read more.


He was condemned to have his head cut off. The next day, just before the execution, the brother asked the judge if he could say goodbye to his mother before he died. The judge agreed. When he went home he changed places with the second brother, who had the iron neck. The villagers gathered round to watch the executioner lift his sword. As it fell, there was a clang and the sword bounced off the second brother's neck. Again and again the executioner tried to cut off the head, but in vain. The villagers were angry. The brother must die for his crime, so they decided he must drown instead. As before, the second the brother asked the judge if he could say goodbye to his mother before he died. The judge agreed. Off he went and in his place returned the third brother, who could stretch his legs for miles. This third brother was rowed far out to the middle of the ocean and thrown overboard. ...read more.


"If this doesn't work then he must be innocent." Said the same man. The fourth brother asked the judge if he could say goodbye to his mother for one last time. Off went the fourth brother and in his place returned the fifth brother, the one who could hold his breath forever. This time the villagers weren't taking any chances. They filled a brick oven with thick cream. The brother was pushed right into the middle of the oven and all the air holes were sealed. "Surely no one can survive this," thought the villagers. All night they watched round the oven. At dawn the oven was opened. The door was pulled aside and out stepped the fifth brother! "Ahhh," yawned the fifth brother, "what a wonderful sleep!" Well the villagers had had enough! They'd tried everything to punish the brother but nothing had worked. "We've decided you must be innocent, if you can survive all our punishments," said the judge. "We are going to release you." The brother and his family were off course overjoyed. The five brothers were proved to be innocent of the first one's crime. ...read more.

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