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Flight no.666 I was standing there with my baggage waiting for my baggage to go through the counter.

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Flight no.666 I was standing there with my baggage waiting for my baggage to go through the counter. The woman behind the counter asked me for my passport which I handed over to her carefully. There was a series of loud beeps that were coming from the screen where she was pressing many buttons at once. Just as I thought she had finished I looked towards her only to find she started to complain about the baggage being overweight. I reluctantly and lazily picked up my luggage; I removed my favourite pair of boots, which were navy blue 6-inch timberlands, and a few pairs of jeans. I handed over the things to her telling her to send it to my home, I zipped up the bag slowly and carefully leaving the package untouched and hidden. I got my baggage through and received my boarding pass. I dragged my briefcase off the desk while tucking the boarding pass into my pocket. I walked up to a large plasma screen, which told me that my flight no.666 would leave in two hours from gate 6. ...read more.


We saw that we were in the middle of some hills with trees, rocks and mud everywhere. We walked further and saw a with a kind of walking path parallel to it. We walked towards the path looking for any help we could find. We followed the river until we came to a village. It was absolutely silent. All the straw huts went covered in blood and bits of clothes. There had been a massive massacre. We urgently looked for anyone who needs help forgetting about our own health problems. We saw a man lying on the floor behind a hut, we ran up to him , he was going to die but then he started to speak. He told us in a tribal English accent that a large team of Americans came with guns and killed the whole Aku-Baku tribe. He told us to flee from the area by taking a small stream behind us until we came to a place where it splits into two. He told us to take a right so we will get to a forest where we will be able to spend the night and then carry on to the city where we will be able to find help. ...read more.


I could only feel anger and sorrow, I could only hear the men's loud raging voices and their guns firing bullets into the air, I could only see trees and twigs that I had to dodge and I could only taste the salty water I had drank from the river. There was a light at the end of the path giving the effect it was the pathway to heaven coming from a dark, evil world to a world full of light, colour and peace. Just as my feet stepped into the light, I saw that the light was coming from bright sun lighting up a golden-sanded beach. I stopped. The men surrounded me like a wall and placed their guns towards my head and asked whether I had any last wishes. I carefully pulled out the package out of my pocket and took out a beautiful, scrumptious strawberry. I placed it into my mouth, giving me a flush of fresh, sweet and excellent tasting juice. The last thing I felt was the sweet taste of the strawberry and the last thing I heard was the loud gunshots. ?? ?? ?? ?? DHRUV MITTAL MISS STRICKLAND ENGLISH ...read more.

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