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Flight of Freedom

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´╗┐Claire slowly tiptoes out of the house, catching the door as it falls. The door creaks and Claire winces. Her ears perk, listening carefully for any sign of life. Claire hears nothing but the gentle snores of her mother. Claire sighs in relief and slowly closes the door, spinning around after. Claire walks forward, her little feet daintily stepping on the forest floor. Claire bows her head, making each small step with extreme precision, full aware of what a mistake can do to this hard borne opportunity. Claire?s bare foot lands on an unseen twig, its cracking echoing throughout the forest. She freezes, her face a portrait of terror. Her eyes dart around, looking for any movement her mistake triggers. The forest was devoid of all sound; not even her mother?s snoring was heard. Her goal was just ten steps away now. She breathes out, closing her eyes, preparing herself for the inevitable. ?Ten steps,? Claire whispers to herself. She misses the sound of beating wings and the glance of something sparkling in the night sky. ...read more.


She jumps into the air. She keeps bouncing on the floor. Her wings flutter weakly. Her weak wings, magnificent as they seem, cannot bring her to flight, to freedom. Tears form in her eyes as she tries and fails to fly countless times. She shuts her eyes shut, tears leaking through her eyelids as she jumps. ?Fly, you stupid, useless woman. Fly, dammit!? Claire whispers. Claire gives one final jump, before falling to the ground weakly. She claws at the dirt, letting out a loud wail of despair. Claire pounds the forest floor, degrading herself, ?Why can?t I fly, dammit? I?m useless. I?m a waste of space.? As Claire bemoans her fate, crying her heart out, her butterfly wings beats once. They beat another time. They beat for the third time. The beats of the wings increase in frequency, and, slowly, inexorably; they lift Claire up from the forest floor. Claire feels the lack of earth beneath her and dares to open her eyes with hope. She sees the wonder of the earth beneath her. ...read more.


?Claire, what are you doing?? Claire?s mother, Mary, repeats, ?Come home now,? she commands calmly. Claire?s body trembles as she obeys her mother and her wings begin to droop down. She slowly flutters down to the floor, the light in her eyes slowly extinguishing. ?Good girl. Now stop this rebellion of yours and come home with me. The world is dangerous, you know,? Mary prattles on, pulling Claire?s hand to go. As Mary pulls Claire?s hand, Claire gains back the fire in her eyes and shakes Mary off. ?No,? Claire calmly states, cutting Mary?s lecture. ?No what, Claire dear?? her mother says, gritting her teeth. Angrily, Claire says, ?I?m not going with you!? ?Nonsense, you are but a child! Now come with me, or else,? Mary threatens. ?I?m not a child anymore, Mother! So stop treating me like one! I refuse to be useless!? Claire bursts out, angrily waving her arms. Mary flutters backwards in shock. Claire hurriedly flies off in the opposite direction, tears obscuring her vision as she flies blindly into the night sky, away from her mother. She ignores her mother?s calls of pain and anguish, flying into the night, twin trails of tears on her cheeks. ...read more.

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