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Focusing on act 3, scene 5, explore how Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and her family.

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Focusing on act 3, scene 5, explore how Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and her family. In order to explore act 3, scene 5 and understand how Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and her family, it is important to look at events which happen directly before it. Then Romeo had to leave Juliet. Their parting is interrupted by the nurse warning Romeo and Juliet that her mother is approaching. Lady Capulet brings information to Juliet about the arrangement of the marriage. After Tybalt saw Romeo in the party that was only planned for the Capulet's, he decided to fight Romeo, but Romeo declines this offer because of the fact that Tybalt is Juliet's cousin, Romeo didn't want to fight Juliet's cousin. Mercutio is killed by Tybalt because Mercutio didn't want Romeo to look little front of Tybalt. So then he decided to fight for Romeo, but unfortunately he ended up getting killed by Tybalt. After this incident Romeo couldn't take the murder of Mercutio, his best friend and decided to take the revenge. Romeo then killed Tybalt and his punishment was to get banished from Mantua. ...read more.


We can also see that their relationship has gone bad after this decision that Juliet makes. After this, Lord Capulet tells her that she will have to leave the house if she disagrees with the decision they have made for her. We also see this in Lord Capulet's words " graze where you will, you shall not house with me. Look to't, think on't, I do not use to jest". Especially the last thing Lord Capulet is saying to Juliet is very bad and terrible for Juliet because if she still disagrees with the decision her father has made for her, then she will have to leave the house and live somewhere else. But again this is bad for Juliet, because she is not used to the rough life, she has a comftable life, but if she has to live some where else, then she will suffer the rough life and fight for a better future. We can see that Lord Capulets decision is very bad and very crossing the line, the reader would of expected a softer decision. Here we see that Lord Capulet expects everyone to obey him, in Elizabethan times, rich people would have always got obeyed. ...read more.


However, their relationship changes when the nurse also encourages Juliet to marry Paris, even though she is already married Romeo. The nurse gives her own opinion towards the marriage of Juliet and Paris, "I think it best you married with the County. O, he's a lovely gentleman!" This is the proof of her thoughts about Paris, she thinks that Paris is the right one for Juliet. Juliet's thoughts about the nurse changed after she heard this because she realised that she is not with her, and she is not supporting her. But Juliet had different thoughts, she thought that if she marries to |Romeo, then the two families will end up with peace. In conclusion, Shakespeare shows that by the end of this scene, Juliet's relationship with her family has changed so much that she is left on her own. Now she is all alone because Romeo is banished, her family disagrees with her thoughts and she feels that the nurse is not supporting her about this situation. Her only hope to get out of this situation is in Friar Lawrence's hands, she believes that he is the only one that can get her out of this situation and get them both married. ESAT FISTIKCI ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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