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Following Dreams

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As I arrived at the stadium I saw my friend Paul pull in with his Dad and brother, who plays in the youth side, in his new Aston Martin, which he parked extremely carefully behind an old Ford Escort. Paul and I went to primary school together so I've known him for years but he went to a posh private school in town and I went to the local comprehensive. We still see each other a lot though, we both play for the same club and county and have been selected for England Schools. This brings me one step closer to reaching my dream of playing for England at senior level; all my hard work is paying off. I have been playing rugby for as long as I can remember and first joined a team at the age of six. When I train, I train with a hunger, always trying to push myself harder and find a new challenge. This has cost me friendship, blood, sweat and tears but that is not what is important, what is important is what I give these things for. ...read more.


My shirt was saturated with sweat, my legs were cut and bruised and my breathing was becoming gradually heavier and heavier. I took on some fluid, which aided my dry mouth and throat. The referee indicated the interval was over so we were ushered back on the field and took position poised to restart the game. As the signal was given, I fell. The pain seeped through my body I heard a ripping sound and I was down; a squirming mass on the floor. The pain was excruciating my eyes were clenched and a burning sensation appeared in my knee. Someone seized my hand tightly so I looked up and it was Dad gazing down upon me trying to comfort me the best he could. There was a muddle of frenetic voices, my Dad called across to my coach ordering him to ring for an ambulance he had an element of alarm within his words, which concerned me. A few long minutes later the flashing blue lights and bellowing sirens of the ambulance emerged through the forest of spectators. Two people wearing emerald green overalls hurried to me bearing an extensive range of medical equipment. ...read more.


From my wardrobe I wrestled with some hangers to get a pair of blue denim jeans and a new black shirt. A taxi I had previously booked arrived at eight o'clock and chauffeured me to my destination by quarter past where I met up with Paul and the others. One of Paul's friends from school recommended we visited a fashionable under eighteen club in the centre of town so we decided to go and investigate. When we arrived we realised it was very stylish and the music was excellent with all the latest dance tracks so we decided to stay. Paul bought got in some drinks and we all sat down and talked about what we had been up to, I excluded myself from this topic for obvious reasons. Seeing how distant I had made myself Paul sat next to me and said in a soft voice, "You know my brother plays in the youth team at our club, well they are looking for an assistant coach and I thought you could apply for the vacancy.", I grinned, It was not playing rugby but it was the next best option. I looked at Paul directly into his stunning green eyes, the same shade as the most clear-cut of emeralds, and we exchanged smiles. Craig Don 10HS ...read more.

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