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Football Madness.

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Football Madness Our team were in the away changing room and my ears were hurting as the manager's voice went straight through me whilst he shouted at us for the dreadful performance we just gave. Then he threw a bottle towards Marcel the goalkeeper who safely caught it. " Oh now you stop it fool!" he shouted sarcastically at him. The room was stuffy because of all the sweat and heat coming off the players. We just got beat two nil by the Newcastle United under twenty ones and our main striker Carlton Wallace the team captain was under pressure. His last season performance was superb, he got top scorer with twenty-one goals and most of them goals were from his heading ability as he was very tall so he had a lot depending on him this season by Leeds United Football Club, because he is on the brink of entering the senior squad. So far during the season he hasn't scored for the first five games and the team are worried about him. The next day he turned up late for training and the Manager Tony Forbes went over to Carlton as he stepped out of his brand new Mercedes Benz SLK and he started shouting and being intolerant at him, Carlton then got straight back in the car and drove off in a rush. As Tony came back the players just pretended that it never happened and carried on with training, except one, that was Andrew Moyes who was the joker amongst the group and he thought he knew what had happened. ...read more.


Also it's quite difficult to perform unless every cross is perfect" "But we'll do training on it every session starting today, the lads will help and have to do it as well." Said Tony, so Carlton agreed "yes". I quickly dashed on to field so they did not see me as they came out. As I got near Andrew said "were have you been?" but I was out of breath because I had to run so Tony didn't know I was listening. When Tony arrived with Carlton Tony shouted out "come on do the warm up procedure." So all the players did stretching and jogging on the spot and the usual things, but Carlton and the Tony were talking about something and then Tony called the Marcel over and me. He explained to us "well Marcel get in goal and Mark put some crosses in for Carlton so he can practice those overhead kicks. So I went over and crossed a ball in but Carlton could not reach so Tony shouted "a bit lower." So I tried again and he just missed it. We tried again and again but he couldn't do it. Tony shouted over to me " a few more" so I crossed it in and he connected to it perfectly and Tony shouted "superb lads!" keep it up we did it another two times and he just kept on doing it. The Tony told us to stop and told us " don't get too carried away, save it for the weekend" On the way to the changing room I asked Tony "why don't you put Carlton into the first team instead of Alan?" ...read more.


The next day I was tired because I hadn't had much sleep because I was up all night thinking about Carlton's back operation. I had to get over it and go and see him at hospital. When I arrived at hospital I went to ward seven to see him and his parents were there crying, the doctor was there again so I went up to him and asked how he was he explained "the operation was successful we repaired the ligaments but he will have to give up football for a while" "Whys that" I asked "His back isn't capable of all that running and exercise that footballers do day in day out." I ran out of the hospital got in my car and sped off home because I realised that he won't recover from this and will have to retire. I had a lot of different feelings inside me like anger, disappointment, confusion of why this happened. I then remembered it was Martins idea to make him do overhead kicks and I knew he lived across the road, so I went over and started banging on the door until he opened it. As I seen him open the door I burst in with rage and started beating him up shouting out "this is for Carlton" "its your fault he's having to retire". I realised I got a carried away as I stopped hitting him because he'd stopped breathing and was just lying there on the floor, I didn't know what to do. I got up and ran over to my house then just crumbled down to the floor and started crying. ...read more.

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