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Footprints in my Heart.

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Footprints in my Heart I am still sleeping and dreaming the nicest dreams when suddenly I hear someone saying that we are in Paris and that it is time to get up and get out of the bus. I open my sleepy eyes and see the Eiffel Tower. Wow, how nice it is to see it in the very early morning! I don't waste my time. I put on my shoes, change the t-shirt, my friend grabs my arm, pulls me out of the bus and we are on the way to the Louver. We have only one day to see all the beauty of Paris. Suddenly I find myself on the stairs that lead to the Louver. Maybe I was too drowsy to remember how I came here. The fact is that I am very hungry. "Ruta, let's sit here on the stairs and have our breakfast," I say and look at her with my bright green eyes in which she can see how much I am longing to do this. "Ok, let's do this," my friend says. So we sit on the stairs and take sandwiches out of our heavy bags. Ruta and I have some biscuits from Taiz´┐Ż where we have spent the whole week. We didn't eat biscuits there and saved them for this morning when we are terribly hungry. ...read more.


Ruta and I are so excited about the sandwiches that for one moment we even forget about that Italian boy. The sandwiches remind me of the homemade food that I haven't had for some weeks. The sausage is tasty as it never was before and the brown bread seems to be more delicious than ever. The silence in which Ruta and I are eating is important and meaningful. Suddenly, I remember the boy who is drawing us and glance at him. He notices this and asks how the meal was. "Delicious," I say and start laughing. Fabricio takes a look at me one more time and again draws something on the white paper. I can't see it now. He doesn't want me to see the painting before it is finished. I can imagine the moment when I see it, how I say that it is the nicest picture I have ever seen and that it means so much to me. I can clearly see this scene in my mind. I even can imagine it hanging on the wall in my room. Anyway, the guy seems to be friendly. He asks where I am from and when I answer that I am from Lithuania, he is interested. He asks me what I am doing in Paris, how long I am going to stay here and if I like this city. ...read more.


I know that he wanted to go with us. I clearly understand that Fabricio wanted to know me better. He wanted something more than I could give him. The last words I heard him saying were " Je t'aime." No, Fabricio, let's leave everything as it is now. I will have the picture you have drawn for me on the wall in my room and I will always tell the story about you to my friends. About your beautiful big brown eyes, friendly smile and the deep look you gave me while drawing. Let's have nice memories of each other. Let's live our own lives. I will always remember that day. The picture Fabricio had drawn for me always reminds me of him. The boy I could be a friend with today. The boy that gave me a worthy lesson. The boy who tought me that not all people I meet on my way are important to me and that some people just come and go away. Some of them come and learn something from me. Some of them come and stay in my heart for a long time. Thank you, Fabricio, for teaching me this important lesson that I will always remember. You will always be a very special person life that has made big impact on me. The person who taught me and the person that still lives somewhere. Somewhere in that full of love city called Paris. 1 ...read more.

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