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Footsteps - creative writing

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All I remember was loud thumping music in my ear, my ear was ringing I could barley hear. I was so drunk I don't recollect what happened earlier all I remember was a party, my friend Sam's. I rose to my feet, I was in a hall, and it was empty. I decided I would go home so I left the hall the cold hit my face like a block of ice. I was walking in different directions, I couldn't help it though. I looked at my phone to see if I could ring my brother to see if he would pick me up; he would be worried. My battery was empty. I continued down the empty road, it was like a ghost town. I felt alone. ...read more.


I took a deep breathe and walked down it at a fast pace with the distinct feeling I was still being watched so I held my knife so tight I hurt my hand, then all of a sudden I felt something brush past me. I turned and started stabbing and slashing the knife in mid air. I soon convinced myself that I was being paranoid and took 3 deep breaths and calmly walked down the alley. Then I heard it again "don't be late home or you'll regret it!" I jumped out of my skin then the adrenaline rush I had forced me to sharply turn and stab someone I got them on the floor and kept stabbing then I got up and ran not even knowing whom my victim was. ...read more.


It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen, so I slowly walked in there and my mother was sobbing on the floor with my sister holding her in her arms, she was crying too. My mother rose to her feet and walked over and said "sit down son." At this moment I knew this was going to be worse than I thought. She then said "son your brother was found dead yesterday in the alley by your school, he was stabbed multiple times in the neck at around 1:00AM when he came to check on you, and he would have died almost instantly." At that moment my heart began to pound like it was trying to escape my chest and my head thumping like a drum being beaten by a tree trunk. I said I need to be alone then lay in bed and couldn't help but wonder could I have killed my own brother? ?? ?? ?? ?? Sahil Dalal 10E 23/10/06 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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