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For or against Death Penalty?

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For or against death penalty?? Is death penalty a good or bad thing? Is it just? Does it have a good purpose and reason? Will it help in any way? People will have loads of different ideas on these points, but I'm going to talk about my opinion. Yes, I do think that the death penalty should exist, but only in the most extreme cases. This would deter criminals from killing, and it would help to make the world a safer environment for people. Of course it is just, to kill someone, for having committed crimes. Now maybe, people shouldn't be killed in every case but there are certainly a number of criminals which deserved to be killed in the past. ...read more.


How many paedophiles have been left free and have raped children again? A man of 60 years old was set free in France last summer, after having spent 10 years in prison and 5 in rehabilitation had kidnapped an 8 year old boy sexually violated and was found with Viagra in his pocket from the rehabilitation doctors, now that is literally disgusting. In fact, the doctor himself should be sent to prison for it. Only 2.5% of the rehabilitated criminals and paedophiles actually come out as normal people, which won't kill or rape any more. This has been proved by Dr. Low of the Rehabilitation institute. This means that over 97.5% of the criminals set free will strike again. ...read more.


This is an extreme method and would only have to be used in extreme cases, there would have to be enough proof to backup the accusation. And would have to be a very serious crime or act. This method should be brought, it would solve a lot of problems all over the world. Dr. Morloc of the criminology department has stated that in countries with death punishment the crime numbers have been reduced over 69% in 2 years, and in one case of over 85%. These are incredibly high numbers and show that this should be brought all over the world where control and democracy lives. This could be seen as a barbaric act, and going back a hundred years, but how should barbaric people be punished, if not by barbaric acts? ...read more.

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