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Forbidden Secrets

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Forbidden secrets 'I was 8 and I already knew I hated my family. Ever since I could remember I knew they were keeping something from me. However small I might have been, families don't usually keep secrets from one another. I'm 9 now and it's as if I don't exist. Even my twin brother knows about it; and they say I'm the most trustful one. My brother Sam had been locked in his bedroom yet again for forgetting to put the rubbish out in time for collection. He had great trouble doing this job, for the bin bag was the same size as him, if not bigger. Everyone else in this family would have had no trouble; we are all double his size. No one could understand why Sam was so different from the rest of us, I think we found him in a back alley but this makes me wonder why we look so much alike. As Sammy (he doesn't like being called Sammy) stood there, tears welling up inside his eyes, a dirty white van pulled up outside our family's semi-detached house in Marlborough Road. ...read more.


'I will be ill today,' I decided, and when mother called me for the third time, she arrived at the top of the stairs. "Please can I not go to school? I'm feeling really ill and my head is really hot." Coughing vigorously. Mum trudged up the stairs and felt my forehead. What Sam did not know was that I had been lying with my head on the radiator for the past ten minutes. Eventually Sam gave in and allowed me to stay at home. "You're not to get in the way of your Dad. He's very busy." "I won't." 'I will just find out about his secret I watched from my bedroom window as everyone left for school or work. It was just me and him now. It was so quiet; you would have been able to hear a pin drop. Just then the telephone rang and shattered the peaceful silence. Clive answered. He took the call inside his office and shut the door. I couldn't make out what he was saying. I moved cautiously downstairs and pressed my ear up against the office door. ...read more.


"Didn't I ever tell you it's rude to go into someone else's room without asking them?" He was so patronising. "Where did you think you would get to by running?" I could not get a word out of my mouth however hard I tried. I did not want to be scared by Clive. "Urm...er..." Clive grabbed me by my throat and hauled me into the living room. He threw me against the radiator which gashed the side of my face. Blood trickled down my cheek. "I'm sorry." I tried holding back the tears but it ran down my face. Bruises were already appearing on my arms and legs. "You're not sorry. You'll never be sorry. The only way you would be sorry is if you're not here." Clive lifted me off the floor that my back touched the ceiling and he dropped me. Clive kicked me in the stomach again and again and again. Splatters of blood stained the carpet. I stood up with little energy I had left; I punched Clive in the stomach and fall backwards; my head smashing against the glass table, shattering it to pieces. "Get up ... Now;" commanded Clive, but nothing happened. It was over. Never again would I have to see Clive's evil face again, ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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