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Forever Lost

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Forever Lost. There was an accident on the M4 6 months previous to the time of this scene. One party (Sally) was killed but the other (Jack) still lives as if the accident didn't happen and imagines Sally living with his as normal. Scene One Jack is sitting in his living room watching television. He looks at the picture of Sally which is on the side table. Jack picks the photo up and stares at it for a few moments, then he strokes the photo tearfully..... Sally walks in to the room, sits down on the sofa next to Jack... Sally: Jack you know that I hate racing, turn it over will you! How many times do I have to tell you? Jack puts down the picture and gets up to turn over the television. Sally nods her head Jack sits back down Jack: How is work? Sally: Oh yeah I quit Jack: You quit! ...read more.


Something to do with your mother wasn't it? (Angrily) STOP SHOUTING AT ME! I'm sorry I didn't know that I had muddy shoes it was an accident. Stop making excuses for your self, it's not your fault its mine. It's all my stupid fault. I'm so bloody stupid I'm sorry I'd do anything for you you know that, don't you, I loved you from the first second we met and I shall never love another. I'd never harm you. Not a single beautiful hair on your head. You are everything. Everything! Without you... Jack: Without you, I'm nothing. Lights flicker again sounds of ambulances BLACKOUT Scene three LIGHTS UP on same set of scene one Sally: Yes the accident I'm glad you can remember Jack: But none of that matters now, we still love each other don't we. Sally: (Sighs then nods her head) There is a silence between them Jack: Where have you been? I don't see you as much as I did? ...read more.


Sally: (pointing to grave side) look Jack steps forward to the graveside then falls to his knees and covers his face with his hands. Sally: Read it Jack. Things will all become clear. Trust me. Jack doesn't move and starts to cry Sally: (raises her voice) Jack Read it Jack removes his hands from his face and wipes away his tears, then clears his throat. Jack: In loving memory of Jack (pause) loved by many friends and family and dearly missed by fianc´┐Ż Sally FOREVER LOST? Jack puts his hands in his face and starts to cry (Sally Breaks down in tears) Sally leaves the stage in tears. Jack: What? I'm, I (pause) I'm gone Jack removes his hands from his face stands up looking at the grave side Jack turns around to see that Sally is gone Jack: Sally? Sally? (Starts to cry again then shouts) SALLY! I've lost you forever (Jack leaves the stage, Sally re-enters the stage) Sally: I love you Jack, Goodbye You'll never lose me, you're a dad jack (Gestures towards baby) (Sally leaves the stage) Laura Jones and Aaron Evans Drama: Mr Thomas Devised Script ...read more.

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