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Formal God Boy Letter

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Eliza Sullivan 2 Rose Street Raggleton, New Zealand, 3131 May, 17, 1954 Judge Lisa Hujges, 10 Hodges Street Auckland, New Zealand, 3133 Dear Judge Hujges: On the 21st May I have a sentence hearing about the murder I committed on the 5th May and I have been informed that you will be the deciding Judge for my future. I am writing this letter to ask for mercy, I understand how serious what I did was, although I had my reasons behind the action. My children also need to be taken into consideration, what will become of them without a mother or father. My relationship with my husband towards my breaking point was extremely poor. We continuously argued and we were both unhappy in our lives. ...read more.


All of this happened right in front of poor Jimmy, I feel sick to the stomach that he had to see all of this and his father's terrible violent moods. Almost every night John would come home drunk, expecting me to not be bothered by his state. I did though, it actually scared me, the way he yelled and swore at me for being such a bad wife and how he regretted ever marrying or knowing me, it hurt me a lot. Soon enough the drunkenness became a regular nightly affair, I couldn't deal with the abuse any longer, it began verbally but then he also started to physically hurt me. My family was falling apart; there was no other way out. ...read more.


I know that killing my husband was an awful thing to do and that murder is such an extreme crime. I simply couldn't think of another way out, divorce was completely out of the question, I can cope with living as a murderer but I could not be free and known as the woman that divorced her husband. The whole family name would be ruined and I as well as my children would be outcasts. Please consider my plea for mercy, mercy for my crime and my children, although I don't regret my decision because I would have continued to live my day to day life with abuse from my husband. My husband, a man with no honor or respect for anyone in this world but his drunken, violent self. Yours sincerely Eliza Sullivan ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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