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Formal Letter. Subject: Selection of an additional English teacher.

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PURPOSE: To give views FORM: Internal Report AUDIENCE: Principal REGISTER: Formal From: Sanya Mathur- Director of English To: Mrs. Amita Mishra- Principal, D.P.S International Date: 5th October 2010 Subject: Selection of an additional English teacher. Dear Madam, Last week, due to the requirement of an extra English teacher, our school has held an interview to fulfill this requirement. After interviewing several deserving applicants, we were able to pick two of the most preferable ones: Mr. A. Rahman and Mrs. Elizabeth Setton. Even after heavy consideration, the English department has not been able to decide among these two applications. ...read more.


He, nevertheless, possesses the expertise in teaching drama, economics and geography as well. Overall, Mr. Rahman has shown enormous capability to give the children the love of the language and seems adept at keeping the children interested using his knowledge along with creativity. On the other hand, Mrs. Setton, a well-educated teacher with a first class honors degree in English literature, has been in this profession for the past thirty-one years. She has been second in English department in addition to being an assistant teacher at Enbright Girls' academy. ...read more.


While all this, she may still be a little too strict and inflexible with her timings. While Mr. Rahman has the creativity and appeal, Mrs. Setton has the knowledge and experience. Both are perfect for the job in different ways and are experts in their own techniques. A better means to choose the right candidate, in my opinion, would be to interview them again. Based on their second interview and if possible a demo class with the children, the selection of the right teacher to provide the right kind of education in the right way, may be achievable. And thus, I leave the decision upon you. Yours sincerely, Sanya Mathur (Director of English department) ...read more.

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