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Fox Hunting

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Fox Hunting Fox hunting has been around for less than two hundred and fifty years as a form of pleasurable entertainment for the higher classes, foxes used to be considered as worthless animals that weren't worthy for the chase, they were thought as vermin in fact but after all the other animals like the deer, boar, hare and wolf were all killed mostly by the hunt, they had to find a replacement. The foxes were fast and could go for long distances so were good for the chase but they went down their holes so hounds or terriers were introduced to get them out of their holes and so they were considered as a new challenge. Nowadays this hunt or chase has been developed into a sport and is supported by the Countryside Alliance. The fox has a well known reputation of being a cunning thief and scoundrel but most of these derive from fairytales and fables or from the people who support the sport but most of these are misconceptions. "There is a passion for hunting deeply implanted in the human breast" this is the opinion of Charles Dickens praising hunting saying that is what man is meant to do, that man has a place for hunting in his heart but obviously views have changed a great deal. ...read more.


Hunt enthusiasts have said that the fox is killed quickly by the first dog that catches up to it by the neck pinch which is when the dog bites the back of the neck of the fox and this kills the fox instantly by breaking its neck and only when it is provoked by the fox but there is no proof of this and seeing as it would help their case of letting the sport to continue as if they can prove that the fox does not feel any pain it works in their favour but they have not proved this as if you saw what happened to the fox when the whole pack caught up with the poor thing you would want it to be quick for the fox. If you think about it though it isn't particularly quick for the fox as it is only caught by the hounds when it can run no more and is exhausted so really when you think of it, it isn't very quick at all and I can't state enough how unfair it is as there is no way that the fox could escape from the stamina and persistence of the hounds. When eventually they do catch up with it they will maul it to death, sometimes the hunters as they call themselves want to keep the head and tail of the fox so cut them off and ...read more.


Despite these arguments I can still not see how people who are thought highly of and think of themselves as noble gentlemen can do such a thing to a defenceless animal. Many things have changed especially over the last century, in the way we think about animals and what we regard as sport. Bear baiting is no longer allowed in this country so why should fox hunting? It is just about as cruel if not more so. Everyone has a different opinion about this subject but it seems as though the majority of the population is turning against hunting. This may be because it is seen as something only for the upper classes and not the ordinary person. Media campaigns by different groups showing us pictures of the poor foxes be ripped limb from limb, while we are doing everyday things have brought fox hunting into the light of day for a many number of normal people who would have been in the dark about these issues previously and now everybody has an opinion on this contentious issue. I believe that soon the government will open their eyes and see that fox hunting is an archaic and barbaric ritual. How can killing of any kind be described as sport? James Lowry 4N English Coursework Mrs Ayling ...read more.

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