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Foxhunting debate.

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Sarah Thompson Coursework Foxhunting debate Madam chair, members of the opposition, floor, and this house agree that hunting with hounds should be abolished. Fox hunting has existed in its current form for almost 250 years. There are now about 200 registered packs of fox hounds in England and Wales. Each year these vicious packs chase and kill over 21,000 foxes. The average pack has approximately sixty hounds and is followed by dozens of riders and supporters on foot and in cars. For hunters, one of the key aspects of a 'successful' hunt is one that involves a long chase. There is evidence that there is strong support from the public for a ban on fox hunting with dogs. Hunt supporters say that as soon as the hounds reach the fox it is instantly killed with a bite to the neck, however in many cases this is not true, evidence has shown that some foxes go through agony and have been literally being ripped apart before being killed by the hounds. ...read more.


the flesh of the freshly caught rabbit you just dropped being ripped apart and the howls of the murderers as they fight to get a bigger piece you think your same and have lost them but they are back on your tail in no time. You have two choices of which both outcomes look grim you could carry on running hoping you could outrun them or you could go underground and hope and pray they don't find you. Now can you still say that this way of controlling the fox population is not cruel? Everybody asks the question " what's going to happen to the dogs if hunting with hounds is abolished" well yes for many the only option is for them to be put to sleep, but that's mainly because there are to vicious and to cruel and not used to human pets so they will not be able to be re-homed, but for the others and in that case the majority of the dogs can be trained and re-homed to a loving family. ...read more.


Although the Government has voted for the ban of fox hunting it is still a long way from happening and there are still a lot of factors that will effect the final decision. The farmers will not give up without a fight, and I am sure that it will be a long period of time before everything is sorted out, and before any new laws for or against it have been made. My personal opinion is that I don't think that it is right. I think that there must be other ways of killing the foxes so that they die instantly without any pain and without the trauma, but in saying that I do understand that fox hunting is almost part of family tradition in the countryside but will it be for much longer??? Thank you for listening to me, and my opinion, I am not trying to change you mind. I'm only trying to help you see the case from another angle and form our point of view. Thank you ...read more.

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