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Fragile, Feeble and All Alone

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Fragile, Feeble and All Alone There are moments in life, that are simply unforgettable. When she looked back through the years, it felt to her like she was flipping through a photo album. Some photos were blurry and indistinct in her memory but some were of such high quality that even the finer details were as clear as day. As she flipped on, a photo kept recurring in her mind, as if too many copies of it were made by mistake. In that particular photo, her eyes were wide and wary, her lips quivered and her cheeks layered with her cold salty tears. She looked small and fragile in the darkness of the alley which seemed to be eating at her confidence. She wore a black trench coat, thinking it would conceal her, but her big Harry Winston 41 carrot diamond ring and studs shone brighter than anything in the alley. It was almost pitch black.The only visible light was the one coming from the car behind her. Her hands were tucked inside her trench coat pocket, keeping them warm from the bitter cold weather of Verbier, Switzerland. ...read more.


They let the doors open and ran towards her. In a matter of seconds they were only a few steps behind her. She ran on and was so close to the alley end when she realized where she was. A dead end. Her savior was a brick wall with graffiti on it. She gave the wall her back and turned to face her hunters. One came closer and spoke to her intimidatingly in French. She didn't understand a word he said but his friends laughed nodding their head in approval. 'You wanna play with us, babe?' another one said with a smirk as he chewed his gum. The one next to him winked at her and seductively said, 'Come on, don't be shy.' He tried to pull her towards him but she resisted, planting her feet onto the ground with all the firmness she could muster. He came closer and carried her on his shoulder. Naturally she tried kicking and punching him but her struggles were useless and she was soon inside the car, sitting in between two strange dangerous men. ...read more.


In an instant, all was forgiven. Their love sparks ignited, lightning up the dark mood. Her ex kidnappers laughed at their love scene and bid their farewell. He walked her in, with his hands around her waist and lead her straight to the elevator. He pressed the button indicating that the elevator was going to the last floor. She looked at him puzzled and gestured at him to explain. He just smiled and looked away. When the elevator door opened, he said with excitement, 'Close your eyes, come on!' She closed her eyes and allowed her husband to lead her towards her mysterious surprise. At last when he told her to open her eyes, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. They were in the suite and she could see her suitcase packed and a figure sitting on the couch facing the balcony ahead of them. She whispered, 'Who's that?' and he simply replied, 'Danny Boyle, your new director.' trying really hard to hide the enthusiasm in his voice. Her jaw dropped and she ran to the couch to make sure he wasn't lying to her. Turns out he wasn't. Danny Boyle smiled at her and said casually, 'So when do we start?' Nuha Kamal Elzubeir ...read more.

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