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Frank and Ritas Changing Relationship.

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FRANK AND RITAS CHANGING RELATIONSHIP The relationship between Frank and Rita changes throughout the play. The fallowing structure is a time line of changes. Russell establishes the relationship between Frank and Rita as one of misunderstanding and confusion. The first time we see Rita she shocks Frank, Frank is trying to test her and Rita is trying to joke around and also test Frank. Frank says things like "do you know about Yeats?" Rita replies "what the wine lodge?" This is why they have difficulty communicating; they come from completely different cultures the middle class stereotype goes to the theatre and the opera when the working class stereotype is at home witching TV on the coach or out 'down the pub' having a pint. The thing is I examiners don't ask questions on the dating show at 8.00 on ITV they ask questions about Mac Beth and other plays, that's why it is nearly impossible for someone from the middle class to become 'well educated'. I think that Rita dos not wants to part of that stereotype any more. Despite there difficulties in communicating, both Frank and Rita admire and resect qualities about each other they make friends and share experiences with each other. They express admiration of each other e.g. "I think you're marvellous" p24 "You're my tutor. ...read more.


When Rita say "the only thing she values is coming her once a week" she is saying just how much she wants to change and how much she 'hates' her life or at least what she has done with her life. As Rita becomes more educated she begins to be independent. Frank is less significant to her. In 2:1 she has returned from summer school wearing new cloths, second hand cloths, Russell tries to show a new begging and a new way of thinking for Rita, educated, but still just a new dress or a new quintessential way of doing thing, a second hand way of doing things, and he goes further by proving this; Rita has already studied Blake This was terrible for Frank as he wanted to teach Blake to Rita (possibly as it closely relates with sex) also for once Frank feels that he is not needed or at least as needed because Rita has other teachers and mentors including Trish. Rita takes advice from her cousin Trish, her new flat mate. This is a shock to Frank as Trish is the type of people who he has complained about for the whole play. To have a student influence Rita was a terrible thing for Frank he thought that she would take away Rita's 'shine', and its not just Trish. ...read more.


She says things like "I don't need you any more. I've got a room full of books" 2:5. I think that the of frank and Rita should of been at the phone call when he can not find her and he is not even sure who she is any more. The purpose of Frank and Rita's relations ship has now been fulfilled, the end of the play sees frank and Rita part on pleasant terms, it is over as Rita passes her exams. Frank gives her a new dress like he said he would in the begging, in the begging Rita says he only way to cheer up is to buy a new dress, that is all she did through out he play just got a new dress to wear. Frank does ask if Rita wants to join him but I don't think that it would of worked if she had. Rita does accomplish one thing in this play, other than turning into a cow, she gets her freedom Rita has choices, "I might go to France. I might go to me mother's" note, she said me not my, that's just a bit of the old Rita shining through "I might even have a baby. I dunno. I'll make a decision. I'll choose. I dunno." (2:7) ...read more.

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