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Frank says to Rita “...To pass exams, you’re going to have to suppress perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I’m going to have to change you.” How does Rita change during the course of the play?

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Frank says to Rita "...To pass exams, you're going to have to suppress perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I'm going to have to change you." How does Rita change during the course of the play? The main character of the play is Rita. She is a 26-year-old working class, woman from Liverpool, who has not had much of an education. When she was at school, she didn't exactly pay attention in lessons, and she just "followed the crowds." Rita is married to a man called Denny. Denny wants a baby, but Rita does not want this. Rita wants to go to an Open University course. Her ambition is to change herself, and learn as much as possible. She wants to be able to have choices in her life. Her job is as a hairdresser, and she wants to break away from this, and break the routine. Rita changed her name to match the author of her favourite book, "Ruby Fruit Jungle," her original name was Susan. We see Rita undergo many changes during the course of the play, all the time she is becoming more middle class. She not only develops in herself; she also manages to develop some friendships with the people she starts off calling the "proper students." ...read more.


Ritas transformation really begins in this part of the play. Denny found out that Rita was still on the pill, and thought it was a result of her studying at the Open University. Denny gets very angry, and burns all of Ritas books and essays. Rita thinks that Denny thinks that she is having an affair with Frank. Franks tries to comfort her, and suggests they go down the pub. There, is a role reversal between Frank and Rita. Rita in the early stages would have been up for this, as she would not have wanted to learn, but she said "No." He says that they could talk about her and Denny, and Rita says, " I've got to do this. He can burn me books an' me papers but if its all in me head he cant touch it." In a way Denny has moved her on. She realises that she would be stuck with him, but he has made her want to learn more. Even though she feels she wants to learn more since the burning event, she still pries into Frank's business, and asks him why he stopped being a poet, so again she is trying to find more information on him, as she finds him so interesting. ...read more.


Even though the last time she saw Frank, they were arguing, she now feels more positive towards him. Frank remembers the little details of their relationship, and some of the things they did at their first lesson. Rita is overall more confidant with herself, and doesn't feel she has to talk, to hide her nervousness. Through her education, Rita has gained options in her life; she now has choice, which she never had before. She has lost her individuality, and her uniqueness. Rita has a lot more freedom in her life now, and can do a lot more then she could when she did not have an education. She is no longer only able to work as a Hairdresser. She again compares to Shirley as they both escaped their working class lives, but there is still working class in them deep down. They had both tasted the better life, Shirley in Greece, and Rita in the middle class, they both had what they wanted, choice, to do what they wanted. Rita has changed from being very nervous, and talking a lot to cover that, to a more sophisticated woman. When she first started taking lessons, She was Below Frank in education and class. When she had finished her Open University course, she had moved up a class, and had gained a lot more knowledge. She has become and educated and independent woman. MELANIE FREEZER 10R ...read more.

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