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"Frankenstein" and "Dracula".

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English Period 4 11-8-2002 In the films "Frankenstein" and "Dracula," Victor Frankenstein's mother, the professor, Elizabeth, and Elisabeta, who is later reincarnated as Mina, are all catalysts to the plots in these movies. Each of these people's deaths are the initial reason these men went insane. The intentions of these men were to rectify what they felt was ill in their society. But over time and countless failures, these pure intentions resulted in pure evil. In the movie "Frankenstein," the death of Victor's mother in childbirth, and Victor's father's futile attempt to save her is what inspired him to bring back the dead and end death entirely. The death of his mother also triggered Victor's deep seeded greed and insanity. When Victor arrived at Medical School, his passion for bringing back the dead increased. Because Victor was surrounded by people that were as intelligent as he, he believed his idea of resurrecting the dead was more plausible. One day during class, Victor voiced his idea of ending pain and death and was completely shut down by everybody including his professor. ...read more.


Dracula was fighting for a God he loved and believed in. A common misconception in society is that if you love and lookout for God, he will love and lookout for you. That obviously was not the case in this movie. While Dracula was fighting in the war, a letter was sent to his fianc� falsely stating he had been killed. Elisabeta then commits suicide. The irony in the story is Dracula is risking his life for God, some person writes a fake letter saying Dracula has been killed, and Elisabeta commits suicide, which is the ultimate sin according to the Catholic Church and can never be rectified. Dracula was fighting for God, then his fianc� is punished by God. Dracula's initial reaction to Elisabeta's death is sadness, anger, and a sense of betrayal. Dracula then drinks blood and betrays God as he felt God has betrayed him. This is where the insanity factor comes to play. A normal person would grieve over one's death, not become death themselves. ...read more.


Dracula should not attempt to play "God" and map out one's future. Not only is he messing with Mina's head, he is messing with John. A man of which has done absolutely no harm to him. Dracula is selfish and willing to break up another's relationship to improve his own. The movie's "Frankenstein" and "Dracula", Victor and Dracula are examples of how evil can result from good. These men, Victor and Dracula, were not always evil. They only became evil after of the death of a loved one. Everyone has different ways of dealing with death. Anyone that wants to get back on track that has lost a loved one, must eventually come to terms with death and accept it. These men never did accept death, nor did they try. Although both these stories are fiction, they do present a moral that everyone in society can identify with. Just because a loved one has died, doesn't mean you yourself has to die as well. Yes, in life shit happens and it's not fair. It's all about dealing and accepting your mishaps, and, most all, never, never giving up. ...read more.

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