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Frankenstein Case Study - Victor

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Frankenstein Case Study - Victor a) Victor experiences: calm atmosphere serene cold magnificent a nature larger than himself nature as a factor that can change his mood peaceful grand takes away his sorrows and grief Setting: 1. intimidating and majestic 2. yet comforting in its magnificence & immensity 3. mutable, unpredictable as it is constantly changing. b) Shelley also portrays nature as a nurturer to us. ...read more.


I seemed to drink in a tranquillity to which I had long been a stranger." - It is also an irony because the mutability of nature that brings about heavy rain and thick mists at the same time haunts Victor as it foreshadows the subsequent appearance of the monster, which is mysterious - lurking around... being a constant source of danger. "he had followed me in my travels; he had loitered in forests, hid himself in caves, or taken refuge in wide and desert heaths" - Monster survives on berries, nuts and roots provided by the wild. ...read more.


Learn to make fire with wood and was able to cook and keep warm and have light in the night. Reader's reaction - the fact that Victor have used nature in the form of dead body parts to create another being. - Shelley leaves the readers pondering whether the actions of Victor is morally right. - Considering the setting of the novel and the time it was written, in the 1800's, grave digging was seen as a taboo to many. Hence, by using grave digging as a basis for the story, it makes Shelley's writing more effective in engaging the reader's sentiments. ...read more.

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