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frankenstein coursework : which character can be justifiably described as a monster

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How Does The Latter Part Of The Movie Evoke Sympathy For Derek And His Family? Derek Bentley was a troubled child; he was dropped at birth and later on in life several times. Derek also suffered from severe epilepsy and had a mental age of an eleven year old. In these circumstances one would be expected to offer professional medical help, in the case of Derek Bentley, he was hanged on the 28th of January for allegedly murdering PC Sidney Miles in 1952. There were several appeals to try and quash his convictions, most failed but finally in 1998 Derek Bentley was granted full pardon by Michael Howard (then home secretary). Even in the first five minutes of the movie sympathy is produced for Derek; this is when their bomb shelter is shattered and bricks fall on Derek's head causing the mental instability and epilepsy that Bentley suffers from. Peter Medak expresses Christopher Craig as the local gangster in the film. Derek Bentley is viewed as a very na�ve character and follows Craig in anything that he wishes. The intensity of their close but brief friendship eventually forces Bentley to do something that we would not have expected; steal the keys to the butchers. At the point where Bentley waits outside Craig's window the camera is looking down at a confused young Derek Bentley. The camera focus on Craig is always upwards indicating the hierarchy of power and influence. The scene directly flicks from Bentley and Craig walking to meet the rest of their accomplices to when the bunch are stepping off the bus. ...read more.


He then launches the keys off the roof. Medak creates sympathy here for Derek because we are shown that he is still thinking on a lower scale about what his dad will do to him instead of the law. Derek is on the brink of crying whereas Craig is deciding about which way to go about ridding the cops. PC Fairfax makes his way up to the roof, at this scene, the music stops and the minor sounds such as his hands clambering the pole are more dynamic. Meanwhile, there are three main scenes which the camera chooses to flick to; the two on the roof, the police officers and PC Fairfax. Fairfax reaches the roof and calls out in a lazy confident voice: "I'm a police officer, give yourself up, you're surrounded!" In reply Craig says: "If you want us then come and fucking get us!" The way in which Derek reacts to this statement from Craig gives us sympathy as he grabs him and tells him to shut up. Medak closes in to the camera just about before Fairfax is shot. Derek runs to his rescue which gives us the effect that he is caring person, Fairfax arrests him and Derek starts to cry, The PC reaches into Derek's pocket and takes out the knuckleduster that was given to him by Craig, he uses this to bruise Derek's face (sympathy created) and Derek does not retaliate whatsoever even though he is at advantage. Before Fairfax was shot Derek had shouted to Chris: "Let him have it Chris!" ...read more.


Finally, there is nothing that the family can do to prevent the execution and the date is set for 9o'clock in the morning. As the time comes closer, we are shown Derek asking a police officer to write a letter because Derek is too illiterate. This creates a sorrow for Derek as it shows his mental stability. Eventually, Derek signs the letter himself and we can then see him sitting kneeled down reciting a prayer. The two scenes flick from Derek and his family, the music is at its tensest so far and so is the atmosphere. In the middle of the prayer the executioner and his associates burst in and drag him to the gallows. We feel very sad and suddenly the camera is fixed on a clock chiming nine o'clock and the Bentleys hunched together crying. Meanwhile Derek is speechless and has lost his inhabitations as the noose is put above his head. Within the next three seconds he has been hung and then we can see the shoes of Derek Bentley's on the floor. The last scene consists of the clock madly striking and sounding the chimes of the deadly nine o'clock morning. |The film ends with the family hugging together and crying. This is probably the most emotional point of the movie and Medak has worked wonders to create a masterpiece of an unfortunate story. I believe that great amounts of sympathy was evoked for Derek and his family and Medak uses great technique; weather, scene locations, music, flicking of scenes, use of shots etc. This is one of the best movies made... By Kapil Devji ...read more.

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