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Frankenstein creates a monster to try and cheat death.

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Frankenstein " A man abandoned to himself in the midst of other men from birth would be the most disfigured of all" During the time of writing Frankenstein, Mary Shelley was reading Emile by the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Frankenstein is a novel, which inquires, what is the origin of evil? For year's man has been debating are we born evil or is evil thrust upon us by our life experiences and the cold-heartedness of the way we are treated. Frankenstein creates a monster to try and cheat dead. When n Frankenstein first lays his eyes on the monster he is disgusted. It was nothing as he had hoped for, " the dream had vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart." ...read more.


I believe Mary Shelley is suggesting that are actions are determined by the way we are treated. At this point of the novel the Being Frankenstein created is and innocent creature; victors abandonment plays a large part in the creature evolving into a monster. Victor has spent his life being loved by many and does not empathise with the creature he has left behind. Mary Shelley was no stranger to the brutal ways of the world. She suffered many losses of her children and at this stage she could be comparing herself to her husband, of who in her opinion overcame the loss of their children too quickly. The losses Mary Shelley suffered from left her as cold hearted in her own opinion. During chapter five, Victor Frankenstein expresses guilt towards the monster. ...read more.


Using such an appropriate poem at the perfect timing Mary Shelley fits the poem in perfectly as the poem does not interfere with the rhythm of the reading. The poem flows naturally as though it had been written for the novel. By inserting the poem at this point Mary Shelley influences the readers to feel sympathy. But Mary Shelley could actually be referring to the monster. The sympathy is felt more for Frankenstein as the poem is used to describe his journey but actually gains some sympathy for the monster. Mary Shelley's Language creates the atmosphere of horror along with the setting and the structure. However the language strikes the greatest fear as the language is consistent in the way in which the words are carefully chosen to create the atmosphere. ...read more.

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