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frankenstein essay

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A speech about something I feel passionately about Good morning, my name is Frauten spouse and I am here today to talk to you about the state the music business has fallen into in recent years. Not so long ago, music in the U.K could rarely be topped, so many new and exciting bands came flooding into our lives and blessed our ears. All new music being released was completely unique, bands weren't afraid to try new and previously unheard of thing and very rarely would you hear a band and think "they sound just like another band I've heard" or "I'm sure I've heard a song just like this before, only it was by (...) ...read more.


The majority of new bands try their hardest to fit in with this genre, and for an increasingly high percentage of these bands, it's hard to pick them apart from the rest. With the 'indie' genre, not only does the music stay the same from band to band, but also the dress sense among the bands does too. These bands seem to follow almost exactly the same style of clothes as each other too, needless to say it doesn't make it any easier to pick each band out from each other. This only goes on to reiterate the point that bands are no longer willing to try new things and be unique. ...read more.


This was and still is known as the "underground" music scene and in the past, there were "underground" gigs of all sorts of genres and a number of different types of bands playing in them, however in modern times, the majority of these "underground" gigs are catering to a few choice genres only. There are still gigs of all genres but they aren't as evenly spread as they once were. With the majority of unsigned gigs being only for certain genres of music, this goes into the fact that the music that finally gets released is altogether too similar across the different bands. Thank you very much for your times and thank you for listening, I do hope the music business in the U.K can turn around and become as great as it once was, I have been Frauten Spouse xxx By Bruno Hobbs ...read more.

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