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Yet again, I had fallen asleep in the courtyard. When I awoke, the surface of the pond still coruscated with the light of the moon, indicating that I had not slept for long and, though it was certainly past the hour of midnight, the sun would not rise for a substantial amount of time. I rose from my incommodious place of slumber to retrieve the newspaper, which had been delivered, as always, the night before. Expecting to find the usual typical Holcomb headlines depicting crop fairs and farmers who continuously quarrel with the mayor over livestock food prices, I was somewhat captivated by the front page headline - I have the article here, look: November 16, 1959 FRANKENSTEIN FAMILY MURDERED In a terrifying and unnerving turn of events, six members of the Frankenstein household were found dead in their own home yesterday afternoon. As of yet, no suspects have been officially confirmed but the Holcomb Police Force are said to be doing all they can to solve this mystery. ...read more.


My dreams never fail to be a thousand times more exciting than my reality, and I sometimes find myself recalling memories that were, in fact, dreamt and not experienced - blurring the boundaries between dreams and reality. And thus begins the part of my story I am sure you are eager to hear. Two years prior to finding that article, I was alone, separated from my family after an argument in which I was forced to sacrifice either my family relationships or my yearning for more knowledge, as I was told that it was impossible for them to co-exist. I chose my studies, and subsequently moved away to the outskirts of Kansas, losing all contact with my family but never quite forgetting them. In the ninth month that I spent in my new dwelling, I had a particularly fascinating dream. It began in a dark, silent laboratory, cluttered with filthy surgical instruments and what I perceived to be stolen body parts. ...read more.


So I spent the next year carefully formulating the most intricate of plans. I was not capable of any of the actions the dream depicted, but I gradually became the monster - although I could not match its strength. That newspaper article that I showed you, about the Frankenstein family? That proves my success. So inquire then, how can you be sitting here talking to me in a mental institution if I believe my plan was successful? Well, Truman, the other Frankensteins are dead, and though I am more confined, I have achieved fame. My name can be heard and recognised all over the world, and this building contains access to every book I need to further my knowledge. I was denied the ability to live with a family, and so I denied them the ability to live. I was told to live alone and study to my heart's content, and I have - Now, as the news of my "family"'s death continues to spread, I am truly happy. ...read more.

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