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Frankenstein Literature coursework

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Frankenstein English literature coursework Mary Shelly's aim whilst writing the novel was to "curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart" The type of novel is a gothic novel, this gives the impression that Mary Shelly wanted to bring the curiosity of the gothic genre out in this novel. Chapter 5 in the Frankenstein novel is the most exiting part of the novel because it is the part when Victor's monster is created; this gives the reader a sense of excitement, a sense of confusion because within chapter 5 the tension fluctuates from very tentative to very calm, each paragraph could change ever so suddenly to keep the reader interested in the novel's story Frankenstein Exploring Context The novel was written and published in 1818, the first edition was published anonymously in London but then the second edition was published in 1831. At this time Britain was going through the industrial revolution which meant that the country was changing and becoming modern new things were being invented such as the steam engine, it was inventions like that which kept people guessing what came next. It was in this time that science became common knowledge to most people and because of this the idea of science-fiction became popular. ...read more.


Yet a second step is taken towards my enterprise." This convention is very secretive because in this part of the novel you have to be careful not to give too much away and if you do give too much away then the reader will not find the story as interesting as they may of done. Mary Shelly decided to make the novel Frankenstein in the gothic genre because at that time the gothic genre was deemed not to be as scary and as weird as it is deemed now but more interesting as such. At that time there was obviously the industrial revolution so that meant no-one knew what could happen next so I think that Mary Shelly could capture the imaginations of her readers but at the same time didn't need to be truthful about it. Setting The setting makes the reader feel tense because the bad weather in chapter 5 gives the reader the idea that there is a sense that the atmosphere is very ominous and this gives the impression that something bad is going to happen, this type of omen gives the reader a tense feeling because it gives the reader an opportunity to pre-empt the fact that soon the tension will break and it will break into some kind of bad happening. ...read more.


a way, however as we find out through chapter 5 he doesn't even want the credit for his invention There is an ammount of symbolism within chapter 5, for instance the idea that Victor created life from nothing is symbolic to religion and how god "apparently" created everything from nothing from his own power. "I collected the instruments of life around me" this gi----ves the impression that victor thinks of himself as a god-like person, that maybe he thought after creating this he would be known in history. Conclusion I think that Mary Shelly did meet her aim to "curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart" because the novel always keeps the reader on edge all of the time, the reader never knows what is coming next. For its time I think that the novel was rather frightening for its time because at that time no-one knew anything that we know in modern day science, so this novel would be what is called sci-fi in the modern day. Today of all the people that still read this novel they still find it a fascinating read because it is quite sci-fi like even to us now, we may now know that you won't make life out of dead bodies using galvanism but it is still interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Damon hood 10M ...read more.

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