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frankenstein prose essay

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Daniel Bloor 10E3/10M1 1st March 2007 In this essay I am going to write about the novel Frankenstein, this novel is about a doctor called Frankenstein who creates a monster as a result off his obsession to creating life and the narrative also gives a deeper meaning to life. This novel was written because Mary Shelley and her husband Percy had a competition to see who could write the scariest story .The biographical background is about the author when she was a young child she lost her child after 2 weeks of child birth her mother also lost her child after 2 weeks off child birth as well and Mary Shelly's mum dad quite early in her life .This reflects in the book because she brings people to life. Firstly chapter five the most important because this is when the monster is created .Here is a quote about when the monster was created '' I saw his dull yellow ...read more.


When he finds his friend Henry he realizes about what he has done and what a terrible mistake he has made from his work. ''Nothing could equal my delight on seeing his presence my father, Elizabeth .and all these sc´┐Żne from my home dearest to my recollection. Mary Shelley uses language in this essay to create atmosphere. ''It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toil''. The alliteration of 'N' this is in the opening sentence of the paragraph and this has created a gothic atmosphere because of the ''dreary night''. This is continued throughout the chapter and the language carries on, here is another quote to back it up. ''It was already one in the morning; the rain pattered dismally against the pains and my candle was nearly burnt out.'' This shows that the weather often reflects on mood and the horror is created when Victor has his nightmare. ...read more.


'' This was the commencement of a nervous fever which confined me for several months.'' In conclusion to this in depth through reading this chapter I have gained more in depth understanding of the nineteenth century prose in the following ways. This chapter is very male dominated; Dr Frankenstein is a man if the novel had been written today there isn't anything that you couldn't change to both male and female roles. However in the nineteenth century female equality did not exist although Mary Shelley was a female, and she was from a radical family and her mother (Mary Wollstonecraft) was a campaigner for women's rights. We also presume that the monster's male. This could be the author's way of criticizing apathetical society. I am also aware that nineteenth century scientists were discussing the probability of bringing the dead back to life. In addition to this people in the nineteenth century were more religious compared to now. Finally there was a higher rate of mortality in childbirth and also was higher in adult death rate. ...read more.

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