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Frankenstein Questions

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Frankenstein Questions 1. Firstly, she does not describe the monster directly in an "over-seeing" narrator' own words, but rather based on the perception of the people whom say it is a grotesque creature. Furthermore, in the killing of William, it was described in such a mysterious method, obscuring a lot of details, and hints into a supernatural creator committing the crime and not a normal human being. This makes the readers think about how the society in the books' way of perceiving others and also their values, such as when Victor abandons his creation in which he describes as an ugly creature. 2. The Monster is actually Victor itself as he shows an attitude of hating a "person" whom happens to be ugly. ...read more.


They have also gone to great extremes to achieve their goals; Walton goes to the extreme cold whereas Victor sacrifices his own health. However, a major difference is that Walton's scientific discovery has no chance of backfiring and do harm to society, whereas Victor's did, killing people instead of making them happy. 5. If we know too much, we may destroy relationships between friends and family because if we know too much, we can reveal ones' inner secrets and hence make them feel offended, destroying a relationships in the process. Another thing is that if we go too deeply in inquiring knowledge, we may forget all others that matter. 6. Being human means to have the looks of a human, a kind heart, and also an ability to think and act for others. ...read more.


I agree with Shelley- there is always a possibility that robots, for example, that is now helping us to rebel and go against us, as explored by The Matrix and also Terminator. In this case, it is the technology and not how we use them, as they do not have emotions (yet). 8. The novel is a classic as it can represent a society in all eras. Regardless of whether it is in 1800 or in 2009, the society still base their impressions of people largely on looks- that is why make-up is so popular- and also, there is always the possibility that technology may rebel, in the 1800s, the discovery of Chemistry and Electricity as a life-force; and in the 21st Century, the possibility of robots rebelling. Its ability to remain relevant regardless of the time period makes it a classic up till today. ...read more.

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