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Frankenstein - The Character of Agathe

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Frankenstein - The Character of Agathe: - Coursework. In 1818 Mary and Percy Shelley and Byron and his doctor, went to Italy. Percy and Byron were romantic poets, Percy Shelley's first wife had a daughter but she committed suicide. Mary Shelley was only 19 and had already had several miscarriages, she and two other people she knew had committed suicide; this made her think about death a lot. Bored one day they decided to write horror stories. Mary Shelley couldn't think of anything to write, but she had a nightmare about bringing dead people back to life. Galvanism was introduced; an example of this would be frog's legs twitching by the use of electricity running through them. When she awoke she wrote a short story about her nightmare. To be human means that within a human there are specific feelings. An example of this is when the monster tries to be kind and compassionate towards Agathe in a loving friendly way. Agathe will and can only judge by personality as it doesn't matter to her what the appearance is like as to her it is the inside that counts. She doesn't know what he looks like so to her he is a friend. When Felix enters the room and sees the appearance and of course knowing he is a monster he judges him by it and doesn't give him a chance to explain. Felix automatically jumps to the conclusion that because he's a monster and looks like he does he thinks that he is trying to attack Agathe. ...read more.


She also shows that she always thinks positive towards life and that she knows the grass is greener on the other side. I wouldn't adjust anything about her in the play because to her it doesn't matter to her what she is or what she looks like but just that she is able to cope with her style of living. However I would give her roughed up clothes and hair as she does live in the forest and it is a tough way of living. In my opinion this would not have an effect on the audience as they don't need to take an interest about what she looks like because it's not the way she looks in the play it's about how she acts towards other. In the past by letting all the servants do everything for her it shows that she was able to change her way of living and come through strong, it also shows that Agathe and Felix are capable to be responsible for them after everything that they have been through. I don't feel at all sorry for Agathe because everyone in life has to be able to cope without the help of others. I don't think I would prefer Agathe as a friend because she has one side to her and that could really wind me up the fact that she is too perfect to be true. If she was to think about being a friend she would really need to change her personality so it isn't as fake as it is and needs to have two sides to her and not just one. ...read more.


More people in the play should have understood and given the Monster a chance because if they did, they would realise that he is a very good guy who just wants to have friends and be compassionate and loving. Also that because the Monster just wants to get on with life but by them stopping and making him angry all the time, they made him become the person he was in the play. Agathe's character helps the play work out by showing that one character alone can change the audience feels about another character. If she wasn't in the play it wouldn't be the sane because she makes us change our opinions over the Monster by proving he has a good and friendly side and not just a bad and ugly side. We do feel sorry for her still but this is only because of what has happened to her in the past and present. Also as she shows the appreciation for the Monster's well being over and his concern, so by her dong this it makes us want to feel sorry for her. This is because if she ends up getting hurt then all the work she has done for the Monster will have gone down the drain. This makes the character of Agathe very effective for the play 'FRANKENSTEIN.' If she wasn't effective as much as she is needed in the play, then in my opinion I don't think that it would have ended as it did. Abbie Huggett ...read more.

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