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Frankensteins workshop

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Victor Frankenstein's Workshop As I walked through the huge cold rusty door of Frankenstein's workshop, my nostrils suddenly burned with the disgustingly smell of decaying flesh and dried blood, but still I carried on my journey threw the cold workshop. I looked up and there were broken electrical cables running right to the center of the workshop. Every couple of seconds they gave out a sudden spark of electricity. Whilst I was wondering what they were being used for, I walked further in to the workshop and I tripped over a blood covered sheet I panicked and kicked the sheet of me, and jumped back to my feet. ...read more.


The tank was filled with dead electric ells, which had been obviously there for a while, as they were decaying. I heard loud scratching noise coming from a door in the workshop, I slowly wondered towards it,and give it a small push open, when suddenly two or three rats came scurrying out of it, they ran off somewhere behind the tank, I mainly focused what was in the room, their was a window in the corner letting rain threw its hole in the glass, it hadn't been cleaned by the looks of things since it had been installed as it was covered in years of dust and grime. ...read more.


I looked at the key and tried it in the lock it worked, and I opened the door. I jumped back in fear as the door lead to a closet containing human body parts and organs I quickly slammed the door shut and ran to the other side of the room. I vomited, I panicked and ran out the room back to the main part of the workshop, to again smell decaying flesh, I ignored the smell this time and I continued running back to the entrance following the electrical cables which lead me into the workshop, I reached the rusty door and pushed it open to let me free in to the rain outside and to take a much needed fresh breath of air. ...read more.

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