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Freaky Friday

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Freaky Friday "Okay, bye mum, I'll be back before dinner, love you". Those had been my last words on the gloomy Friday evening as I strolled casually out of my house and up a few blocks to meet my best friend, Stacey. As I looked around now at the old, dusty furniture and polished floors, I doubted whether those last few words of mine would come true. Stacey stared at me. Her short, silky brown hair now stood up on its ends and her twinkling brown eyes now stared back at me dull and full of fear. We had originally planned to arrive at the 'Haunted House on the Hill', as it was known at Salem High, search it and leave being able to prove to everyone at school the next day that the dark and gloomy house was in fact not haunted. But now even we were beginning to doubt ourselves. "I don't know why we came here in the first place" I sighed at Stacey. "Excuse me, but let me remind you that this whole exploration thing-" but before she could finish a loud thud made us both jump. Silence followed. "D-did you ju-just hear something", Stacey stammered. "Oh it probably nothing", I shrugged acting cool, "just our imagination running away with us". By now it was beginning to get dark. ...read more.


We had always been close friends but recently things didn't seem quite like what they used to be. A great bang brought me back to reality with a scream. I dropped the book and stood paralyzed .I wanted to run back my legs stayed firm refusing to move. I opened my mouth to scream but no words left. My throat dried out and parched, I forced my legs to move. They took my a few steps but now I could hear footsteps behind me. I tried to run but they rejected to carry me faster. The footsteps were now getting nearer, I could feel the stalker. I commanded myself to run but the footsteps just grew louder and nearer. I broke into a run dropping my candle to the floor, sweat pouring down my face already. So many thoughts crossed my mind but I had no time to answer them. I ran through the halls and up the stairs, the floorboards creaking under me; I fumbled around and fought with a door I had found. I yanked at the handle frantically but in my despair I realized I had broken the handle. I heard a loud cry but noticed that the footsteps were no longer behind me. I felt confused and lost, throwing the broken handle to the floor and looking round I picked up a lighted candle not even wondering how it got there. ...read more.


"How could I say anything??" she bellowed. "Were you ever there for me?" she cried, turning her back to me and facing the window. "Now it's my turn to get my own back. Liz prepare for your death. You made me suffer and now it's my turn to show you how being ugly and unpopular feels..." As she continued I realized how much she hate me and that my death was the only way she would be satisfied. I had to think quickly and I realized that the window was my only way to ensuring I was not the one to die. She pulled out a shiny blade and held it up to the moonlight which poured through the window. "This is what I'll use", she said, her back still facing me. I got up quietly knowing that this was my only chance. Carefully I tip toed up behind her, as she turned around to come near me I shoved her toward the window. After a little struggle, I easily won and pushed her out of the window. I could hear silent cries as her body fell to the ground. Standing at the top alone I now knew that she was a deprived child and now her soul would forever rest in peace. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized how left out my best friend felt. Now began the pain of realizing that never again would I be able to trust anyone and that I had to deal with the loss of a best friend. ...read more.

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