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Free the Weed?

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Free the Weed? In this essay I will discuss whether or not cannabis should be made legal for recreational or even medical purposes. It is a soft drug made from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant. Also know as marijuana it has many psychological and physical effects. Cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals. When smoked it contains over 2,000 chemicals that enter the body through the lungs. The short-term effects of the use of marijuana include both psychological and physical reactions. These reactions usually last from three to five hours after a person has smoked it. The psychological reaction known as a 'high' consists of changes in the users feelings and thoughts. The effects of a high vary from person to person and from one time to another in the same person. In most cases it contains a state of dreaminess and relaxation in which the user is more aware of his or her senses. ...read more.


The thrill of rebelling with the idea that you might get caught is the reason why many teenagers experiment with illegal drugs. Drug dealers would also lose out if cannabis was to be made legal and in an attempt to earn more money they would push 'class A' drugs such as heroin much harder. Some people believe that it would free up the Courts time and save money if it were to be made legal to smoke cannabis. However new law legislations would bring licensed suppliers, legal ages of purchasers and users, and places it could be used. Could you drive a car or operate machinery? It would be a bottomless pit and it would clog the legal system as it has never before. On the other hand many would welcome the legalization of cannabis, as most medical opinion would agree that it is far less harmful to the individual and society than alcohol. ...read more.


Cannabis is also very useful for people who suffer from MS. These people suffer great anguish and pain in their muscles and some users claim that smoking cannabis relieves them from their pain for hours at a time. I believe that cannabis should be made legal for those who suffer great pain in their muscles i.e. people who suffer from MS and arthritis because people should not be made to live in unbearable pain where the quality of their life is bad. When a complete cure is found in the years to come then I believe that the government and the medical society can review that law. On the legalization of cannabis for recreational use I believe that it should not be made legal so that it will discourage any of those who are thinking of using it. However I have no objection to those who wish to smoke it as long as they know the damage they are doing to their own body. The only people they are hurting are themselves. 1 ERIN DOHERTY 12J ...read more.

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