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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Coursework

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side of the country. This is a crisis because it means the Fresh prince would have to leave everything he knows to start all over again in Bel-Air .although this is a crisis for the Fresh prince, it's a dream for most teenagers who would love the opportunity of leaving home to live in a extraordinary mansion far away from nagging parents. The crisis is then followed by an adjustment this is the section where the Fresh prince finally accepts that he has got to move away, to live with his rich aunty and uncle on the other side of the country and amazingly he seems happy about his situation, like most teenagers would be. ...read more.


The music a powerful method of attracting a specific target audience and is done so in the title credit sequence, the music is up beat and therefore is a huge attraction to teenagers. The music used is hip-hop, to add to the beat is rapping by Will Smith (also The Fresh prince) Will Smith raps the Fresh princes' life story. The rapping is in time with the moving images from the story format. For example when the fresh prince introduces himself he says "Now this is a story all about how my life got twisted upside down" Whilst spinning on a throne. His rap story begins when he is play basketball with some friends "in west Philadelphia ball and raise ,on the playground was where I ...read more.


rebellious, he also wore clothe that at the time were extremely fashionable he wore sunglasses, bright shorts and a baseball cap, Fresh prince was also playing basketball (a popular sport at the time especially with black teenagers). The fresh prince is the perfect role model because he was independent as shown in the adjustment of the story format, however one of the most important factors of being a role model which the fresh prince demonstrates throughout the title credit sequence, is the fact that the fresh prince lives and respects the teenage society. Teenagers liked the fact that the fresh prince was almost reaching out to them in the title credit sequence; telling them that the teenage way of life was the right way of life ...read more.

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