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Friar Laurence

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Charlotte Ball Friar Laurence 12/11/05 I have to accept that it is my fault that Romeo and Juliet died. It was a terrible tragedy. Such a shame, they were so young but we can not think of such things now. No amount of doing so can change what terrible things have passed. I feel so much guilt. It is not as if I did not try to get the word out to Romeo but perhaps trying harder would have made everything run smoothly. I decided to allow Romeo and Juliet to marry, I carried out this service. I allowed this for the reason that Romeo is one of my oldest friends and also that I have followed the obedience of being a priest for a large part of my years that have past. ...read more.


T'is now I must face up to what has happened and admit to my faults. I only thought the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets would be ended. Perhaps this was a lot for me to ask of a marriage- particularly a secretive one. I obeyed Romeo's wishes and allowed him to secretly see Juliet. I tried to hide how panic stricken I was when the news past that Juliet was to marry Paris. T'is wrong to be married to more than one person; I could not let it happen, for Romeo, for Juliet and to obey the rules I always promised I would. I thought of a solution. If Juliet was to drink what I had concocted for her aid she would avoid the marriage that had been arranged and would stay married to my son. ...read more.


If there had been a way which was more simple then I would have course of told her to go ahead with that instead of what I told her to do. Feigning her own death was the only solution. I could see it come to a happy end in my mind. I could see that Juliet was desperate and unhappy- thou had great enough strength to slay herself to be with thee Romeo. The word was meant to get out to Romeo but did not receive my message therefore thought the same thing that anybody would think in his situation. Any part that I'm to blame for I should not be punished because I never once meant for anything bad to happen and always was to think of Romeo and Juliet before taking any actions. ...read more.

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