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Friar Laurence

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A character study The character I am going to study is friar Laurence, in this study I am going to give a detailed description of him, show were he plays a significant role, say how I would represent him in my own view if I was to direct the play and then I will write a detailed conclusion of the study. Friar Laurence's position in the play is that he is the responsible one, mainly responsible for Romeo, but also because he has a logical overview of everything and does things guided by his knowledge. His role in society is the holy man, and is used by everyone and so is one the most trusted persons in the whole of Verona. He's personality is a very relaxed state of mined personality he believes things happen because that's life; he understands Romeo doesn't know the difference between a crush and love, 'Is rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear, So soon forsaken? Young men's love then lies Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes' (act2 scene3) I think his qualities are his views and opinions that he offers especially to Romeo. I think they are special to Romeo because the friar is very level headed and sees everything on a down to earth way and so this levels off Romeos very ...read more.


him aids and wisdom in his actions, he is very kind to Romeo but will still tell him when he is wrong and this makes the two closer than the nurse and Juliet could ever be. The only other interaction with anther character is when he gives support to Juliet when Romeo has been banished Romeo. If I had to describe his ideas I would describe them as before his time as he has a very modern standard even today, which is surprising as the play was written hundreds of years ago and that he was supposed to be the suttle holy man. Friar Laurence's vocabulary is off the time as the play was written hundreds of years ago it isn't the same as what the modern day reader would appreciate but the reader of the timer would. I think the only way that friar Laurence has changed though out the play is his views about Romeos love towards Juliet, at the beginning of the play he thought that Romeo's love was worthless and that he would declare love for anyone with a pretty face but towards the end of the play he realised that Romeo love was priceless and that Romeo would do anything for his love even kill himself and this is the reason that the friar tried o get to ...read more.


If I was directing a production of Romeo and Juliet I would present him as someone who was training to be a priest so he would be about Romeos age and would be able to interact with Romeo easier and I believe the two characters is one of the strong points of friar Laurence's character, so if to make the relationship between the two you would be building up the character of friar Laurence. My conclusion is that Shakespeare would have wanted the friar to be seen as a person that was before his time who understands more than most people as this makes him able to be the aid of Romeo, so the interpretation that I gave of friar Laurence would be acceptable in his eyes. I believe all Shakespeare wanted to do was entertain people with their own language, so if I was to re-create the play the change of language and some of the plot would be in the best interests of the play as people like to know what is going on and their own language is better than language that is old and un-used. Friar Laurence is very important to the whole play as without him Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have died and the wouldn't of been what it was. ...read more.

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